Tuesday, 18 December 2012


The Nollywood Industry is daily flooded with talents who try to carve a niche for their selves amidst the huge number of stars but that has not stopped Aaron Sunday from stepping on the fame ladder as he has found a love in acting, modelling and voice work.

Aaron has continued to stand himself out with a daily work out routine just to keep fit, though some of his colleagues see this as a threat to them but he has decided to stand his ground and be focused in his career as an actor.

Aaron started with Mama Onome Buka, professionally in 2009 and since then, he has loved every moment...having admired the skills of star actor, Ramseh Nouah.The industry is certainly not about what you studied in School but it is important you get groomed professionally for what is ahead of you because challenging roles will come your way...Aaron took an acting course at Widescreen Actors Academy owned by AK Media Productions, aside being a graduate of Geology at the University of Calabar.

Aaron says Nollywood has been rewarding so far but can be frustrating going for auditions and not getting calls back but he has seen these factors as a motivation to keep moving on..With a lot of Soap Operas to his credit like Two Sides of a Coin, Nowhere to be Found and Crack in the Wall...and also a cameo appearance in Heroes and Zeros...it is just about getting to the peak for Aaron.

This reserved and homely Actor also shares the same love for the modelling world, having featured in commercials for Globacom, Airtel and Gulder...Aaron advises that training is very important for you to have a seat in any film industry and also try to read wide...

Aaron has continued to shine in the spotlight has more producers continue to give him the opportunity to feature in their work, just of recent, he clicked a job with a soap called Bridges..and more still on the way says Aaron..

If there is anything Aaron possesses right now, it is the spirit of confidence and self belief in the brand he sells as one of the Actors with a unique class and value..

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


It is no longer news that the will of the late Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, has been presented to the family with his widow, Bianca, getting the lion’s share...and i must say she deserves it because she is a true wife, who stood by him till death...but there is a condition to the content of the will which i find really strange...she will lose it if she remarries...totally weird.

In the will, the late Ojukwu listed the children as Tenny Haman, Chukwuemeka Jnr, Mmegha, Okigbo, Ebele, Chineme, Afam and Nwachukwu...The Ikemba gave the Casabianca Lodge at No. 7, Forest Crescent, GRA, Enugu, two property at Jabi and Kuje in the FCT as well as all his money and personal effects to his widow...He also said that Bianca should replace him as the trustee in the family company, Ojukwu Transport Ltd, while also giving her two plots of land in his village at Nnewi.

She has a choice to make...and love is such a terrible virus, once it stings...it could drive you crazy...Yes, she still loves him but what if she finds love...am just saying..but these properties gives her a good memory of what they share as couple...and this means that all you men should simply stay away from her....


Facebook is currently a culture in Nigeria..Yes, some people have had a nice time using it and they are done with it, as they have moved on to other social networks..we all have our reasons for being part of any of such global networking sites but for founder, Mark Zuckerberg, it is just success all the way and there is no going back...

When Facebook first went public at $38 a share in May, Zuckerberg’s shares were worth $19.1 billion. In the following months, the stock dropped to less than half that IPO price to $17.55 in late August, pushing Zuckerberg’s net worth down to $8.84 billion...Since then, Facebook’s stock has recovered in fits and starts and so has Zuckerberg’s wealth. November proved to be by far the most robust growth month for the stock to date, thanks to two big factors....

November was surely a good month for Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg...As of Friday, Zuckerberg’s net worth was $14.1 billion and will likely only continue to grow in December.

I guess they cannot go out of business because everybody just loves facebook..even better than facing their book at school...its either chatting, posting videos and images..and all sorts..and i sing, i wanna be a billionaire..so freaking bad.....

Monday, 3 December 2012


There is no doubt that Rap Star, Kanye Omari West is ''GOOD'' in his trade as a Musician and Fashion Designer...and since 1996, his music game took off but what concerns me is the recurrent legal issues with his lyrics used in most of his singles or albums...

In 2010, Kanye West was sued by musician Vincent Peters over a copyright dispute regarding similarities between West’s “Stronger” and a song Peters had sent West’s business associate in 2006. West’s legal counsel referenced the works of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, whose maxim “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” is quoted in the song, and the court ruled in the rappers’ favor.

There have also been past cases of similar situations...even though he won, i still feel concerned about the originality of his craft...

A New York label is suing Kanye West, claiming the Grammy-winning rapper illegally used portions of a 1969 song by New Orleans legend Eddie Bo on his No. 1 2010 album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” according to an Hollywood Reporter.

In its complaint, TufAmerica says two tracks on “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” — “Who Will Survive in America?” and “Lost in the World” — include a bit of “Hook and Sling, Part 1 by Eddie Bo, which TufAmerica says it bought the rights to more than 15 years ago.

TufAmerica claims West’s label Roc-A-Fella paid a license fee of $62,500, but “failed and refused to enter into written license agreements that accounted for their multiple other uses of ['Hook and Sling'].” The label is seeking undisclosed damages for copyright infringement.


I hope this is not some kind of celebrity public relations tool as to get back into the entertainment game when all hope was almost or perhaps is completely lost...what exactly is LKT talking about...in love with Rita..the Rita Dominic...Here is what he said to Punch;

“I’ve been dating Rita in my dreams and I’ve always loved to see her movies. When I read her interview, something in me said I should voice out my admiration and affections for her. “If truly her heart desire is to have a set of twins, I can give her that. I have got twins in my genes. It might sound awkward or a joke, but I’m not kidding; nor am I looking for cheap publicity. “I would have approached her a long time ago, but I thought she was already taken by another man. Even if it turns out that she is older than me, I can live with it.  Age is nothing but a number,”

I can help but laugh..dreams do come true..so lets put our hearts together and make sure this becomes a reality..and sooner, we might just hear that Rita is getting married to LKT or is it the other way round....

I think the best way to express this love tango is to get into the studio and cook some romantic African beats titled Rita...and feature her in the video...that's a sure way to kiss, touch, hug and do anything with her..remember Dbanj and Genevieve..he can even propose to her tight there...its just a matter of Rita saying I DO or I DON'T...all the best in this PR Stunts...


Now, my comment is based on whether this story is true...I have no clue as to what led to this, is he trying to protect the awards, or there is a new aviation law that states you need to book seats for your properties or what exactly?...this is totally crazy and it is not about the money but a case of a celebrity who needs to visit a rehab very quickly before things go crazy...because this is how it starts..

This is not the first time he is winning such a classic award...and so, what exactly is giving him butterflies in his 6-pack tummy that led to him booking special economy seats for his plaques...

This is not a mark of respect but disregard for him by a lot of people..i mean the sane people because others might just say we are simply jealous of his success...and i ask, how grown is he since he moved away from Lasgidi or is it Africa now to the GOOD Community...


Is it possible to live on this earth and not know what tweeting means..YES...It is very possible because not everyone has gone digital or viral like some people say, even facebook or yahoo might still be strange to some people but the Pope has decide to join the digital age by being part of the twitter family...

“The first tweets will be answers to questions sent to the pope on matters of faith. The public can start sending them starting now,” the Vatican said. The account already has 82,939 followers, with numbers rising quickly immediately after the announcement. An introductory message read: “Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.”

The tweets will be in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish and more languages could be added in future...this is absolutely awesome and a very huge step coming from the Vatican..Pope Benedict XVI will join Twitter from December 12, with regular tweets in eight languages from the account @pontifex just in time for Christmas..

He wants to ensure the church is closer to its people by following the digital world and it is a good step...so start following


Its finally official...as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...
"Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby," the palace said in a statement this morning.
No doubt intending to keep this highly public news as private as possible, there was no word on whether Kate and Wills are expecting a boy or girl, or a possible due date for the little royal, though as an announcement has been made, she's clearly past her first trimester.

This is a great news for one of the world's most celebrated royal couple...this is a good sign that the monarchy still continues as the British royal gene continues to produce generations and generations...you could join them in a toast...

Thursday, 29 November 2012


Stephen Okwara Ekene's Black Toyota Camry has been stolen
ENGINE NO- 5S72763
A 1999/2000 MODEL.
Anyone with a useful information should please call 08129459110

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


If there is anything that our young generations needs...it is the zeal and spirit to read wide in order to boost their skills in the creative world and standing out or being unique is not a days job, it takes lots of commitment from their part..

Emmanuel Odufejo, is the author, a public speaker on Youth Empowerment has taken a bold step in giving out a recipe that every young person needs to be outstanding in their chosen field. It is a seven chapter book which consists of financial literacy, basics of business, entrepreneurship, creating your future, self development and so on...

You can get the author on Facebook, Odufejo Emmanuel Olusegun..get a copy today and stand out well.
you can also visit www.mastermindzafrika.org or call 08061246156

Saturday, 24 November 2012


We all know Tony Payne is no longer Mrs 9ice..she has since moved on with her life, from being a mother, to a fashion and record label owner...to being a publicist and artiste manager...currently, she has decided to be a spoken word artiste by releasing a track titled dare to question love...an emotional piece

I do not know how far she will go with this because her hands are really full now with so many things..i hope it wont be a case of Jack of All Trades, Master of None...It seems most celebrity women go into marriage to get some charm because ones they are out of that marriage, they begin to fly so high like eagles..and also be a treat to the career of their ex-husbands...

I remember Agatha Amata, Monalisa Chinda, Kate Henshaw and Tony Payne..these women and some others have lifted up their game in their respective fields and walked the corridors with shoulder high, irrespective of the marital damage to them...i am not promoting divorce but if you are having a serious issue in your marriage, which is beyond you...then opt out before it is too late...and again i say, marriage is only for the matured.


Do you remember this lyrics...Me i like my country...I like Nigeria people, everything dey for Nigeria...make we join hands, to make Nigeria better..i guess some of us can but the reality check is that there are so many virus affecting our operating system that no antivirus can kill...and a very tough one is tribalism...

I travelled to the east recently and i must confess that i love the Igbo culture...for their hospitality, charisma and spirit of making money, if you know what i mean..and certainly, every tribe has its own unique qualities but a simple word of conflict against any tribe spells trouble, especially if not communicated properly.

On my return from the east with some colleagues, a woman brought up a land purchase issue which has to do with mentioning of names, and instead of just saying the name, she referred to him as Yoruba..and that is definitely a personal attack from an igbo woman..and what do you expect in such a situation where the message was not sent very well...it was a 30 minute battle inside the bus, not physical but the debate over tribalism..it really got personal.

Tribalism has eaten deep into our lives, it is not about how educated or rich you are..it is just a total spirit that dwells in our lives, whenever there is an issue, i feel names should and individuals should be addressed rather than saying it is the Igbos', or the Yorubas' are the ones or is the Ijebus'...we should not dwell on tribes but treat issues personally.

There is no doubt to say that every tribe has certain norms and ethics that should be respected but when it comes to very serious issues, let us move out of that tribe zone and face the real beat of solving issues the right way..i simplyb kept quiet inside the bus and watched these two women battle it out in insults..i am Yoruba and i can easily put sides with the Yoruba woman but what would i gain..more trouble i guess...

If you are a Yoruba Chief Executive, do not give a job to a Yoruba man because he is from your state..but based on deserving qualifications..let us be able to marry from another tribe without conflicting worries about who they are and what evil they can do...it is not a mistake that we are still together as a country..

I have friends across most tribes of Nigeria..and there is no debate over their tribe but i deal with them as an individual, despite all the gist around the country about the Hausa's and Igbos, i still respect them as friends..and the only weapon is love and respect for ourselves...God bless Nigeria


All thanks to Goldie as fellow Big Brother Housemate, Prezzo, has found a home in the heart of Nigeria..well, reasons known to him..what amazes me is the denial that he never said Goldie's music was whacked ..seriously Prezzo, we do not expect that from you but i know Nigerians will be happy to receive your music here, only if it is the right stuff because we do not waste time calling your bluff once it does not appeal to us...

As for the politics, you have to get your foot right...i am sure its not a kind of gubernatorial or presidential ambition...because it will only be a disaster for you. I am sure Prezzo has other reasons why he is relocating to Nigeria and not just because of music, acting and politics, which is awkward by the way.

This is actually a good ground for his acting and music career..like i stated, if he behaves well on and off screen, then, Nigerians will love him all the way...this only shows that despite all we go through as a nation, we are still a force to reckon with in the entertainment scene around the globe...we are a nation that loves the arts..and that is why a lot of artistes feel at home...from Rick Ross, Serena Sisters, Brandy and so many Big Brother Stars..they all love the Nigerian Entertainment Culture.

We are accomodating, let us leave out the disparity between the rich and poor..and concentrate on those elements that binds us as one..am talking about sports {football}, music, movies and entertainment as a whole. when it comes to these areas..our spirits soar beyond the skies and we glow for the whole world to see and admire us..we are a happy nation despite the poverty level..

It is not a mistake for having the green color..a fertile color in Agriculture and that has been reflecting in the entertainment scene around the world..God bless Nigeria


Its one of those moment where we debate over these two notable screen icons...gene and omosexy, i must say that they both possess a great deal of beauty, charm and brains..and that is why we never stop the argument on who has the skill more..i have my favorite but that does not mean, i do not love the other..

These two have been shortlisted for the FAB Most STYLISH ACTRESS category for the FAB lifestyle awards alongside Rita Dominic, Nse Ikpe Etim and Beverly Naya..Is it really debatable in selecting the winner...I do not think so..?

If you really think you love any of this listed actress, then log on to www.fabmagazineonline.com/awards and give your support..being a fan is not by mouth...

I cannot help but reach out to Genevieve Nnaji...yes, am proud to say she is my most stylish actress presently in Nigeria and Africa...With all respect and value for the craftmanship of Omotola, Genevieve has proved that she is stylish due to the current movie roles she earns, her endorsement deals, fashion label, public appearances and poise..i am not saying Omotola does not have them but i just swing with Genevieve..


Kween is back with a Christmas song titled Gbo Ohun..which means hear the voices of the angels..Well, it is an effort but certainly not a new song, except her own little flavour she added to it..Thanks for putting us in that mood of Christmas but i certainly hope credit is being given to the original owners of this song...

I just hope this is not a strategic way of winning her fans back who must have shifted to other new female acts...Most people might not remember Kween again because she got married and had a second child, and she has been in and out of the United Kingdom...Only time will tell if she still has a seat in the Nigerian Music Industry, a place that is flooded with numerous great acts who have got that sparkle better than Kween.

Kween is a beautiful performer but not a better singer, she is lovely on stage and so, i am certain she can pull off a good act any day, despite being busy with marriage, child care et al..


How gracious was it for Nollywood Actress and Producer, Monalisa Chinda when she tied the knot with Former Record label exective, Dejo Richards some years back...and only to end the marriage due to alleged wife battery...Monalisa has since moved on with her life and so did Dejo too...but Dejo moved on to get married to another woman known as Lamide in 2011.

Their marriage is about hitting the rocks following claims of domestic abuse from Lamide..she has actually made up her mind...and i ask, why do men beat up their wives?...Something is wrong somewhere and am not saying all men are the same because my father has never lifted up his hands on my mother, even though they did exchange words some times which was more like arguments...

This is not a spiritual matter but a case of irresponsibility which emanates from many factors, among which is upbringing, ego, maturity and so on...I know it is easier to support Lamide but no man has any right to lay his hands on a woman, they are meant to be a helper has the holy books put it, moreso, they make the home...they make every man complete..

This shows that Dejo might not succeed another third marriage if this one finally ends because no responsible woman will endure such a marriage..Please, my advise to ladies is to remain single if marriage will be earning you beating every day...and by the way, Monalisa would laugh at this story..my thoughts..


I would like to sincerely apologize to Chioma and her friends, perhaps to Denrele for the head tag of the post   of Mr Tourism Nigeria on my blog..It was just a journalistic approach to sell the event...Some friends of hers actually confronted me to know if the story was true but i just asked them to read further...Both of them are actually hosting the pageant and it is a weird combination that will be awesome at the end of the day...Once again, it is just a media approach to sell the event...Keep reading Gisturbia..Thanks

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Yes...I guess you might be wondering how these odd personalities would cope under marriage...there is nothing impossible but these two will be hosting the MR TOURISM NIGERIA 2012 grand finale..Denrele is a VeeJay with Channel O and Chioma works with Silverbird Television.

Mr Tourism Nigeria 2012 will take place at SCINTILLA, Lekki on 8th of December, 2012 at 6pm, with an after party at CLUB SCINTILLA..Such an event cannot come to pass without great performances from Donna Diva, Roy from Project Fame, Young DI, Brymo, Korede Bello and lots more...

Regular Ticket is 3K, VIP is 5K and TABLE is 100K.

For more information, call 07037824489, 08133466916, 08036985735, Blackberry PIN, 22CAB1AF, 25E6531A.

Voting as officially begun now...visit the facebook page and vote your favorite..MR.TOURISM NIGERIA


Bankole Wellington has continued to prove that he is a force to reckon with when it comes delivering good love songs that convince any lady to say yes to any proposal...and also to make them sing and dance along...remember strong thing, now he has two new hit singles. The single, “Yes/No” is produced by Cobhams Asuquo and “Good Good Loving” is produced by Spellz.

I heard the songs online and i must say, Mr Capable is still capable of making our love lives worthy of joy, peace and admiration...The songs Yes/No and Good Good Loving are to serve as fore-runners for his album to be released on February 14 2013 which coincidentally is regarded as a day for lovers.

He has truly convinced us that he can be a chief executive and an artiste at the same time...there is no point to ask him..''What are you capable of...?''

Monday, 19 November 2012


The Nigerian Civil Service is a haven of laziness and i mean every word of it..I am a civil servant myself but sometimes, i am amazed by the kind of people that work within the system..Why are they lazy, you might want to ask..? Well, there are several factors...There are some people who are naturally lazy but i am not saying we cannot find hardworking individuals within the service but others have decided to be lazy because at the end of the month, the salary is certain...

The private sector is unique because productivity is paramount...there is no room for laziness because you could be paid based on your level of contribution to the goals of the organization...it is different ball game in the civil service. I am not trying to paint governance in Nigeria bad but in a situation where you are employed for 35 years, except for death and resignation...it is a long way to go and if promotion comes, your monthly salary and bonuses follow you as you climb the level ladder.

Most civil servants come to work at their convenience and that means you can only find few people at work within the resumption hour, there are those who run their personal business and many other excuses...the funny thing is that when they finally resume work, they come up with one excuse or the other...and before you open your eyes again..it is closing hour which is usually 4pm..and they are the first set of workers to speed out of the premises..

This is why the nation is moving like a stagnant water because it is filled up with people who just want to receive some cool cash at the end of the month without contributing a worthy part of them into the system...the government needs to review the working system of civil servant...glory must be given to worthy staffs who believe in where they are being employed...and more so, there are graduates and unemployed persons seeking for a place in the system...


The greatest joy of every woman is motherhood, no matter how they try to avoid it due to career and other factors...and this is a global fact but the amazing thing is the treatment given to some children being born by some women. I know some children can be difficult which could be traced to how the child is brought up in the first place.

I boarded a commercial bus within Lagos last week and i was touched by what i saw..This woman had a little baby on her back and had two other ones with her..an elderly woman offered to carry one of the little child but i guess the boy felt comfortable with his mum, and so he moved to join the mum at the back seat.

The next thing was a slap on the head and she made a statement in yoruba language...that she does not know where she finds such a child...i was moved with shock..in this age when lots of couple are waiting daily on God to carry a child..and someone is lamenting over nothing.

This child should be between the age of 3 and 5..this is totally wrong of any woman..and i feel our government needs to come with laws that prohibit women from maltreating their children..and that is why child abuse is so rampant because if they can do that to their children, what then is the fate of those children working for them as laborers.

This is just one of those everyday experiences i encounter with some women...and they usually go for the head of the child every time, sometimes, very hot slaps that i cannot withstand myself...this is unfair and that is why i say some of them do not deserve a child..there are other instances that they place a curse on the child..which is certainly wrong because curses are known to germinate in Africa and generations after can benefit from it.

Friday, 16 November 2012


Abolore Akande who is widely known as 9ice is making a comeback with some new singles and videos but will he still be relevant in the scene...?

The titles of the new singles are ‘Get Into It’, ‘Ike Kan’, ‘Obawon’ and ‘I Dare You’. He has shot videos for ‘Get Into It’ and ‘Obawon’. From his latest album, Bashorun Gaa, the talented singer has shot videos for two songs, ‘Attitude’ and ’3310′
The Gbamu Gbamu crooner would also be releasing another double album titled CNN and GRA by March, 2013.

There are some talented guys now who can be a rival to 9ice...and he must be careful in his delivery and comeback because if his lyrics, beats and videos can't match up with standards, then, i guess his case will be that of a past glory.

The Nigerian Music Industry has grown so fast that creative talents are being introduced daily and everyone is in a battle to come out with ''mad'' lyrics and videos...its the battle of the fittest and so, Mr 9ice...we all know your worth but you can only prove more by stepping up your game

Thursday, 15 November 2012


This hotel Hotelicopter features 18 luxuriously-appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience.
It is a helicopter hotel! It has 18 rooms with five-star facilities!...Give me a reason why i won't want to live in this Hotelicopter for rest of my life..totally awesome


Where is the faith that a lot of people had in the Lagos State University..I had an uncle who finished from this school many years ago and i know the quality of education he earned being a graduate of LASU...Today, the story is completely different, as that hope has been destroyed..i am totally speechless.

Yes, the state government is trying to put sanity into the institution by coming up with strategic plans to make it a worthy place but have they put the students into such plans, fees are way to high for some people to afford..but my concern is the External System students, also known as Part time Students..i mean, the evening class guys and babes, who must have worked very hard since morning and go to school in the evening from the hours of 5 to about 9pm daily...including weekends.

These guys spend a lot of money..including myself to have a ''life'' from LASU, I mean a Bachelors in Arts..since that is the defining factor of being recognized in Nigeria but alas, everyone is at home, work or just useless since the part time is not in session...what is happening..?

This is not the first time...in fact, it will be a miracle for the school to start a new session just immediately one ends but no, negative surprises always spring up...it is totally crazy when those that were still seating for an entrance exam into a school suddenly catch up with you..and if you are unlucky, they finish before you..while we are looking unto the altar of LASU to get our degree..

I am of the opinion that LASU should sell off the degrees at any amount...i believe some students will be willing to buy it and move on with their life...i can do without the degree because it does not define my career in any way but for those who are just starting..buying it will be awesome..

LASU should free the lives of its part time students spread across SURULERE, ANTHONY, JIBOWU and so on, afterall, the programme has been cancelled..Moreso, the buying of certificates is not strange in NIGERIA...and in this case, i have the right to buy it off because i have covered almost 4 years with them..

I believe most readers will expect me to give reasons why all this is going on but all i know is that, it is totally wrong and painful for students to have finished a session about 4 months now...and yet to resume a new session...


It is no longer news that there are so many movie awards in Nigeria and quite a few of them deserve true commendation..The new one amongst them is known as the best of nollywood awards...i actually don't have an issue with the motive behind the awards but what concerns me more is the criteria and some of the recipients of some categories...

Let me start with Ibrahim Chatta who was given the Most Promising Act in Yoruba genre...Ibrahim is an ace producer cum director in the Yoruba film industry..If he is promising, then, he just started his career in the make believe world and that is totally weird after the years of experience..

I am also of the opinion that an English movie should be used for the movie of the year, rather than giving it to a yoruba movie because there are cultural differences in all the tribes when they are producing their films..and so, the technicality should not be a major criteria for getting the winner...

Now to the revelation of the year which was given to Moyo Lawal..and again i ask, is it the same Moyo Lawal or who..Do these guys understand what it means to select anyone as the revelation of the year..which means that Moyo was discovered between 2011 and 2012..yes, she might be new to high profile movies but she is not new to the make believe world as she has featured in a lot of soap operas, sit com and all that..

The fact that she was outstanding in the movie that made you go after her, does not mean she is a revelation...Moyo Lawal has featured on past series of the Next Movie Stat Reality Show..that is when The Best of Nollywood should have gone after her...I rest my case but good work on the rest of the categories which includes the lead and supporting roles..

It was also gathered that Actress turned Musician, Tonto Dikeh was absent at the ceremony, which was initially scheduled to perform...There have been much anticipation by many hoping to see the controversial actress mount the stage for her first performance as a music act but She is said to have missed her flight that would have connected her to Lagos from Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State....I don't want to call it stage fright...


The Experience Lagos is one gathering that brings everyone together just like the soccer games, Christians, Muslims..and even the traditional all come together to enjoy live music from some of the world's greatest gospel singers...i have attended three editions so far and i think it is a worthy cause initiated by Pastor Paul Adefarasin...but the Experience was not an experience for some of those present at the 2011 edition.

The general reason for the change of location last year was because of security reasons...and so some people did not feel the experience of being at an experience...It is returning to its original fun spot, Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos...but can it be like before again..?

Everything happens at the experience, from various mobile stands of Banks with their ATM Machines, uncountable food and drink vendors, to the large number of Nigerians singing and praising God with all their heart...We only hope a climate change does not transpire into a heavy downpour and i don;t get all wet just like a previous edition.

I am confident of the security settings for this event and so, everyone should be at ease...and enjoy every moment of the Experience...Make it a date on December 7, 2012 and get experienced like never before...there is also an opportunity to be a volunteer which is more like an ushering job..


When you tell anyone that your profession is journalism, they become careful of what they do or say before you...it makes the job mysterious because you have to respect the opinion of everyone around you and by that objectivity and fairness will dine with you always...

Just after i posted a write up about Reverend Chris Okotie of the Household of God and his marital ''traumas'', a friend involved me in a chat over my post...and he felt i was painting him bad, stating a case that marriage is not easy...and i do not attack the individual in you but certain characters emanating from those whom we see and adore all our lives.

In Nigeria here, Ministers of God are seen as great role models in the spiritual realm and if there is anything that should stand them out, it is a worthy married life that members of their church can adapt into their own marriage, He is a great person but i do not stand to agree that he can just swing in and out of marriage every time he feels like.

The purpose of my blog is to analyze the news we read or hear from the internet, television, radio or newspapers...and it is meant to give us a better understanding of the story, even without hearing from the sources...a blog is personal and my opinion is constructive.

This is part of the fairness i am talking about..some journalists cannot define true fairness and that could be as a result of other factors affecting the effectiveness of their work..For example, i feel concerned about the various news reports going around about the late Senator Saraki who passed away...Yes, he is a warlord of a big political party..but for some television stations to report and say his death is a great national loss and other things makes me feel unbalanced..some say a national hero...is that fair to those true heroes who are not recognized in the country..?

What makes Senator Saraki's death a national loss...how does that interpret the genetics behind our being a democratic country?...a national hero would have been influential in all sectors of the country and not to some political kingpins...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Is there any reason why i should be worried about the fate of Funke Akindele in the make believe industry, Nollywood...Well, so much is happening in her life right now and only God can define the way out for her..even friends cannot save her..It is no longer news that she lost her 4 months old pregnancy...and definitely, tongues must have been wagging over the issue.

If i know the country i come from very well, a lot of fingers will be pointed at the other women in the life of her husband...Apart from marital issues, the career of Funke, does not seem to be looking upward, as the case was before her marriage...this is actually my concern...

To handle a career in a one man one wife case is not a joke...and now, you are entangled in a marriage that has two other women and children..this is no good platform for any career driven lady such as Funke Akindele...and the rate at which stars are rising in Nollywood these days, everyone needs to be on his feet.

I am not saying Funke should leave her husband but rather focus on her career which she has built over the years..loosing a baby is very sensitive enough to kill your desire on every other sector of ones life..


I guess we have to just endure this wind blowing around us about Goldie and Prezzo, who both met under the Big Brother Africa platform and since then, it is lovey dovey hype all over the media...The couple who attended a mutual friend’s wedding together, were spotted together at the Channel O 15th birthday party..

This is just one of those strategies used by celebs across the world to gather more fame into their basket because we will talk, and gossip about them...especially when they go extreme with their celebrity show off attitude in public glare...They were also rumoured to have got married secretly days ago, news still remains unconfirmed as Goldie denied even seeing Prezzo when asked if they were dating days ago.

Is this one of those ill wind that blows no good...time will tell but enjoy the fame while it lasts PREGOLDIE.


Wizkid and Jude Engees Okoye says they are mocking the Illuminati sign...is this true or they are actually showing to us that, they are confirmed, sealed and delivered to the Cult group...Jude Okoye, the President/C.E.O Square Records and Northside Entertainment said he was not even happy because they did not flaunt the sign very well, after sharing the picture above....he must be kidding.

Why share the image, if you are actually making fun of the sign.. 


My first question is why Fred Amata waited for the outcome of the election before he reunited himself with Ibinabo Fibresima...hmmmm...?..Anyways, it is a good advantage to fall in love again when she is the new boss of the Actors Guild of Nigeria...

Vanguard reports that  the ace movie producer who decked in black suit stormed the event venue, bubbling with life and ever willing to give his support to the mother of his beautiful daughter. Interestingly, upon sighting Ibinabo, who was looking hot in her minis, Fred could not resist her glamorous appearance as he immediately stretched out his hands and hugged her ceaselessly. It was an eternity...

Will this new found romance grow well enough or it is just one of those show offs we see everyday in Nollywood...However, it would be called that during the electioneering campaigns, the renowned actor was strongly involved in campaigning for Ibinabo. It was no surprise therefore that he showed up at the event in support of Ibinabo’s victory at the polls.


This is not a reality show where beautiful girls will line up before some judges and they try to pick a beauty queen...but this is actually a reality for real as Pastor Chris Okotie is searching for another life partner...yes after some failed attempt..

Some of the ladies who are strongly rumoured to be on this list and whom the man of God has played a prominent role in their lives include:
Sola Salako, who was the church’s head of administration for several years,
Okotie’s close aide, Vien Tetsola, a former Miss Nigeria,
Ure Okezie, daughter of former minister, Dr. Okezie, who later dated hip-hop artiste Soul E, but who has since moved on,
Rose Elishama Ideh, who became a frequent visitor at many of Okotie’s church events, and who played a major role in his last presidential campaign.

All of these women quit the church in the heat of union then hoping that Okotie would one day wake up from the spell of the Calabar beauty, and their prayers were answered in June this year.
The argument of the women against the choice of Stephanie was that Pastor Chris had been the family pastor during her two marriages and Stephanie’s second husband was his oldest church member.
The story now is that since the pastor who was the presidential candidate of his Fresh Party is free from his marriage and has signified his intention to remarry, there is need to return as the race for the role of Mrs. Okotie is open.

What exactly is this about...is there some kind of fame and power attached to this lifestyle..am not trying to judge this presidential aspirant but it calls for concern when a man of God lives this way...and the church elders are not doing anything about it...this is not a celebrity show off game..this is about a legacy, a life worthy of emulation..this is not worthy of emulation at all.

Anyways, if you know any lady worthy of becoming Mrs Chris Okotie..please direct them to the Household of God because this man of God needs a woman by his side urgently...and am serious...i can stand all other single parenting careers but a man of God...never..


Ever since tweeting became a habit for most celebrities, every single thing is been shared to the entire world...and while some are busy sharing off their very private personal affairs, others are waging war against eachother...and some are sharing good news..whichever one is happening, Tweeter is having a famous time hanging out with them..

Presently, everything is been shared in Nigeria...i mean everything and i begin to feel disgust about it...but we could allow some good news like Terry G's new baby, born in the United Kingdom...The Akpako master himself. His fiance, Mimi gave birth to a baby boy on the 1st of November..

The Dance Diva, Kaffy Shafau, who is also C.E.O of Imagneto Dance company delivered her baby boy December last year...Its a good news to see the child growing so well before our eyes...this is far better than what W4 shared on his twitter account or what Muna and Karen Igho shared...

The only warning is that not everything should be shared on twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites across the globe...the internet is a large place and information travels like virus

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Respectable Fashion Designer, Remi Osholake, also known as Remi Lagos will be cremated at the Golders Green Crematorium London United Kingdom.. The 51-year-old late fashionista, would on Thursday, November 15, 2012, have a lying-in-state ceremony held in her honour at the JH Kenyon funeral home then cremated the day after.

Remi Lagos died of uterine cancer...She was reportedly receiving treatment at the Harley Street Clinic, London, after she was diagnosed of cancer in October.

A true Fashion icon has gone to rest...


It is awesome when children follow the footsteps of their parents..this is a very common scenario in the Nigerian entertainment scene and one of such people is Queen Salawa Abeni's daughter, Okikiola (otherwise known as Candy Fabulous)...she is 30 years old

Okiki is set to start her own music reality show,‘Opolo Orin.’ The reality show, we gather is on the bid to be the very first ever indigenous Yoruba reality based singing competition.
Opolo Orin will showcase talent in alternative Nigerian music genres like Waka, Fuji, Juju and Apala.

Okikiola who runs Candiva Signature, an entertainment company spoke the reality show, she said: ”I saw an audition from Project Fame Ibadan, and an old man didn’t make the cut because he sang in Yoruba language, and honestly he was very talented, and that gave me this idea, so I started working on it.’ She informs it would  feature Dele Abiodun, KWAM 1, 9ice, Laolu Akins, King Sunny Ade, Sir Shina Peters as judges and guest judges.

This is a good legacy in the life of Okikiola and i must say, it is worth it and surely, it is worthy of emulation...so please watch out for a yoruba version of the popular project fame...


Wizkid is obviously not kidding anymore has he has truly taken his career to a different peak which is not news to us anymore but what is news is that...his currently rocking international stage like the justin biebers, Trey Songz and so much more..

The BBC 1Xtra show, is one that has had the biggest artists in the world light up its stage and for Wizkid to perform on that same stage, it was going a long way in showing how far he had come...but i hope he does not forget his root and his Nigerian fans


I quite admire the creative business of the EME Guys, which is controlled by Bankole Wellington, also known as Banky W...but can he ever get back to good music because so much money is now made from producing huge cash from the likes of WizKid, Skales and others..

As a businessman and record executive, he has enjoyed tremendous success. Banky W is accomplished as an M.C/host, having hosted events such as the 2011 Channel O Awards, and many similar high profile events. Banky has also launched his acting career with a Stellar debut recurring role on the final season of MNET’s hit TV show “Jacob’s Cross”. He also remains one of the most relevant voices for Nigeria’s youth, taking prominent roles in everything from #LightUpNigeria to the Fuel Subsidy Protests.

I feel he has done his best as an artiste but how well did he fulfill his dream as an artiste before becoming a chief executive officer..I just hope we don't hear of different divorce issues among the EME Family members just like the MoHits...

Thursday, 8 November 2012


This is a suggestive idea to the Nollywood guys..please come up with a movie that will truly pass the message of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola to the Okada Riders in Lagos, i mean the commercial motorcyclists across the metropolis...The essence of the message has not been fully digested by these guys and all they are doing now is to sabotage.

Let me be honest here, the bike riders are sometimes a one way ticket to the grave and i know most people agree with me on this...and so, there is no wrong in banning them from the highways across the state...yet, they have decided to vandalize government public transport systems.

The government of Lagos has taken a step to clean the state from all factors that will affect the healthy living and safety of its citizens..and that must include the okada riders, they ride at high speeds, some of them are not well trained or certified to ride...and sometimes under the influence of alcohol.

I am totally in support of this initiative...they can operate within their local governments and not taking everyone to the hospital or mortuary everyday..and they should please stop the resolution of saying they are graduates..because most of them are actually artisans.


Just after 5 months of a sizzling romance between Rap Artiste, Eva and Trybe Records, the two have decided to call it a happy ending...but not quite because, there are reports saying there are excesses coming from Eva..

Trybe Records’ statement released today announced the termination of the contract binding the label and the female rap artiste. It read:
‘Trybe Records and Eva Alordiah have agreed to terminate her recording contract effective immediately. Trybe Records’ vision is to discover and nurture the talents of our artists while operating with purpose, valuing relationships with our partners within the industry, and being persistent in creating and releasing quality music. Unfortunately, over the past 5 months Eva’s vision has not aligned with ours and thus, both parties have agreed to separate.
We wish Eva the best in her future endeavors and plan on continuing towards our goal of creating quality music for Nigeria and beyond‘.

 As you know, it always takes two to do a tango..and so, i cannot label any blame or judgement on Eva but i wonder what kind of demands she might be asking for and probably, she is being influenced by certain people in the industry...she is creative but just a little wrong move could turn you back to square 1...we need to be careful when building our musical career.

Some are of the opinion that she might want to float her own label, which i think its too early...and we already too many jobless record label...who should still be grooming theirselves as artistes


For everything that occurs in this world, i believe the creator of this earth and the universe knows about it, even before it happens...and so, every Pastor, Reverend, Bishop that states predictions is perhaps living on a grace to say it and so, that gives him spiritual value and fame, especially, in Nigeria...where miracles are like winning an American visa lottery.

I am not saying Pastor T.B Joshua is wrong or right..but he has always been in the forefront of giving predictions...in sports, politics, law and other sectors of Nigeria and even the world at large...the amazing thing is that some even give predictions of a calamity that will befall an entire nation and i ask, are these the plan of God for us...?

In everything we do, let us put it to God in prayer, i don't think we have to publicize everything, except we are searching for fame...
as for his predictions that Obama will win...we all know that Obama has the chances because of the factors in his favor, he is the incumbent and that is a high favor for someone who America loves so dearly.

Yes, his predictions were correct but...we all know Obama will win


We all love the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti for his music, his patriotic spirit to move Nigeria forward and all other acts...and yes, he has lots of children...Seun Kuti is one who has been living the life of Fela and it seems the addiction is getting stronger as he now has a tattoo on his back stating Fela Lives...

He has once been confronted on the issue of taking Marijuana but he comfortably gave a positive response about it...Do i smell where this is going...? Yes, we respect the gene and blood of music that flows in  their blood but am sure, not everything must be adapted from their father..He lived a fulfilled life but there are lessons for all from the kind of life he lived.

I am sure Seun Kuti still has lots of surprises for us aside the tattoo on his back..Only time will tell but he should be very careeful because his career is very important than living the shadows and footsteps of his father..


Nollywood  Actress Susan Peters has continued to prove that she has a heart of gold, as she recently adopted a baby girl from Ogun State...Susan recently launched her charity organization – Susan Peters Foundation with the Benue Pikin project on her birthday – May 30th has continued with her charity cause.

This is a cause most of our celebs must adopt by giving back to the society that made them, we buy their films, visit the cinemas to see them, attend their album launches and other events they produce, charging huge gate fees..but not all of them give back.