Saturday, 30 June 2012


1. Carrots
Carrots have vitamin A in abundance. Vitamin A is essential for a healthy scalp and improves vision as well. A healthy scalp ensures healthy growth of hair. Add a glass of carrot juice for breakfast and soon you will notice stronger and denser hairS

2.  Dairy Products
Yogurt, skim milk and other low fat dairy products are excellent sources of necessary minerals for healthy hair. They contain calcium; casein and whey which help maintain thick and healthy hair.

3.       Whole Grains
Whole grain cereal and bread can be used in breakfast. It will furnish your hair with vitamin B, zinc and iron. Whole grain snacks can also be used during lunch time; they will supply you with the essential nutrients.

4.       Chicken & Turkey
Poultry meat can supply you with high quality protein and iron that your hair demands. This conveniently available cheap source of high quality protein and iron can ensure the long hair you crave for.

5.       Dry Fruits
Walnuts are a terrific source of omeg-3 fatty acid and alpha linolenic acid that gives nice conditioned hair. Brazil nut is an excellent source of selenium, which is good for the scalp. Almonds, pecans and cashews are also great sources of zinc.

6.       Beans
Lentils, kidney beans and legumes contain biotin, zinc, iron and ample amount of proteins that will help keep your hair healthy and strong. Baltner of American Dietetic Association suggests consumption of at least 3 cups of beans or lentils a week.

 7.       Vegetables
 Your hair follicles secrete a substance called sebum. Sebum is a natural hair conditioner; ample intake of vitamins C and A can ensure sufficient production of sebum. Swiss chard, broccoli and other green vegetables are a good source of vitamins C and A.

8.       Fish
When it comes to beauty, salmon cannot be neglected. It is padded with high quality protein like omega 3 and it also contains sufficient amounts of iron and vitamin B-12. Andrea Giancoli, a dietitian from Los Angeles believes that omega 3 fatty acid is essential for a healthy scalp.