Sunday, 24 June 2012


Do you remember the thriller video...then i guess this woman must ring a bell...Ola Ray is still grateful for the opportunity to feature in Guiness Book of Records, most successful music video of all time.
"When we did the dancing, when he had to walk around me and flirt with me … That was when I was like 'Oh my God, like Ola, I could not believe I was the girl, I was the one chosen,'" she told ABC News in a 2010 interview.
Jackson was playful off-camera as well.
"He kept saying, 'I can't wait until I do the werewolf scenes so I can chase you,'"
Despite suing the Michael Jackson production company in 2009 for the payment of her royalties, "I have a huge poster of Michael, just of himself and then I have the 25th Anniversary album," she said in the ABC News interview. "Then, I have a picture of us walking together in the video … I see Michael every morning when i wake up