Tuesday, 26 June 2012


When i got a call this morning from a friend trying to confirm the suspension of part time studies across universities in Nigeria by NUC...I was like...what again this time...am not here to convince them to stop the suspension but let them be reassured that they are putting the economic status of this nation at a full stop. Majority of the part time students work their brains out to keep their life, marriage, family and friends together..not forgetting that they pay lots of naira to study. I am a PROUD part time student and i must say...its not easy combining study with work.
Moreso, we have important issues to address right now...if you know what am talking about...Part time studies is not peculiar to Nigeria and we all cannot run a full time study, especially, those fortunate enough to get a job, have they thought about students who dont have sponsors or students whom their parents are pensioners...I SAY NO TO THIS INJUSTICE