Thursday, 12 July 2012


A Nigerian gasoline tanker caught fire on Thursday, killing at least 95 people in Okobe, a town in the oil-rich Niger Delta.A witness told Reuters that the tanker crashed on a road and then caught fire as people were trying to scoop up the spilled fuel. According to Nigerian television, most of the victims were rushing for "free fuel."
And then i ask, how free is free..its a long list of circumstances that we can say led to this act but one single answer that comes to mind is the cool headed disease known as gives you a certain pride of coolness but it turns you to a monster at the minute of any opportunity to acquire least, they can rest in peace now from all the suffering they must have been going through..but we still do not learn as Nigerians.
Many of those killed were motorcycle taxi operators "who raced to fill up their tanks after learning of the crash."