Saturday, 14 July 2012


A 70-year-old woman in Omuo-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Mrs. Rebecca Adewumi, has allegedly been tortured to death by some youths in the town over alleged witchcraft.
A daughter of the deceased, Mrs. Grace Smith, who is based in Lagos State, told journalists in Ado-Ekiti on Thursday that her mother was stripped naked and forced to drink some concoction believed to have the potency to exorcise her.
Smith said her mother was tortured in the presence of one of the town’s chiefs on June 26.
She added that her mother was beaten, placed on woods while her head was shaved. She was later said to have been locked up in a room where she eventually died on June 30.
Smith said the deceased’s relatives, including her children were prevented from rescuing her.
However, the deceased’s elder sister, a 74 -year-old woman, Mrs. Deborah Ajijedidun, who was deaf and dumb was said to have been allowed to see her sister’s corpse.
Smith, amid sobs, said her mother’s corpse was left in the room for three days before it was taken to an unknown place.
Smith said her mother’s ordeal started when her (deceased) stepson, Ola, took ill and the boy’s mother accused her of being responsible for the sickness.
She said, “My mother was accused of being a witch and she was said to be responsible for Ola’s sickness but they could not substantiate their claim. They dragged her to the oba’s palace and humiliated her there. At the palace, my mother was stripped naked. The Olomuo of Omuo, Oba Noah Omonigbehin, some chiefs and residents of the town were present.
“She was forced to drink concoction believed to have the power to make her confess her alleged witchcraft. Although she didn’t die at the expiration of the seven days given to her, her attackers who were not satisfied with this went to her house dragged her outside and flogged her.
“ Her children and relatives were prevented from taking her away and the attackers mostly youths of the town known as Imekunla locked her up in her room. Three days after she died following the torture, those who killed her are saying that nothing can be done to them.”
Smith said a petition had been sent to the police to ensure that justice was done.

This is total injustice...why not hand her over to the police and thats if theres an evidence...