Thursday, 16 August 2012


Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria has been ranked as the third worst liveable city in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit!
Dhaka, Bangladesh was ranked the worst liveable city,  followed by Port Moresby and then Lagos, Nigeria. Melbourne, Australia was rated the city with the best living conditions, followed by Vienna, Austria and Vancouver, Canada ranked third.

Cities were scored on political and social stability, crime rates and access to quality healthcare. It also measures the diversity and standard of cultural events and the natural environment; education (school and university); and the standard of infrastructure, including public transport.

This image shows you the former Oshodi in Lagos but it is a different anthem today as the present Governor has done a lot to keep the center of excellence conducive for all. i quite agree with the terms and condition of the ranking because we are still trying to find our feet when it comes to a complete social condition for all residents.

Anyways, like we say now...Eko Oni Baje