Thursday, 16 August 2012


I actually saw this our usual tradition in this country, whenever a damage occurs at one sector, a panel is set up backed up with so much budget that includes food, money and other bills, to debate over what happened...And so, Following our terribly poor performance at the London Olympics, President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered comprehensive re-organisation of the Nigerian sporting sector. This might result in some people losing their jobs.

According to the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, a national retreat which will involve state governments as well as the private sector to re-order priorities in the Nigerian sporting sector would be convened to address the challenges in the sporting sector.

“He said what took place in London must be the beginning of a new momentum to place Nigerian sports at a level that will enable this country return to the glory it is known for in the areas of sports.
“President Jonathan believes for us to change the present scenario, we need to specialize, we need to plan and we need to fund sports in a way that this country will continue to make impact in the sporting sector.”

This is completely unbelievable...Are they saying they are not aware before now that our sports needs to be dealt with...?