Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Prezzo, the first Kenyan representative to get to the finals in the Big Brother Africa reality show, is the new ‘One Campaign’ Ambassador. Prezzo will work on various campaigns with Bono, Mary J Blige, Nas and other Showbiz personalities in an effort to alleviate hunger in Africa and fight extreme poverty.

I am not sure if he came to spread the One campaign song, apologize to the Nigerians or make up with Goldie...However, Prezzo is definitely not in many Nigerians’ good books. Nigerians were outraged at Prezzo’s lovedrama with the nation’s representative, Goldie, and the backstabbing involved.

Perhaps he actually feels a thing for Goldie and decided to take a step by saying sorry to everyone but its just a game..i actually do not know who was fooling...