Tuesday, 28 August 2012


There are reports that the price of bread would be increased as from 1st September, 2012, following the increment of price of flour and other ingredients.
This is as a result of the high tariff introduced on wheat flour in a bid to encourage bakers to use cassava flour in the manufacture of bread.

Meanwhile, the bakers are saying they cannot commence the use of cassava flour since the government has not put adequate machinery in place to ensure the success of the innovation. The machinery available is meant for wheat based bread and not cassava bread.

This is completely awkward because it is the poor people that will suffer at the end of the day..not every citizen would consider going for the portable sliced bread..and for the records most of us including me are used to the "AGEGE BREAD THINGY"...at an affordable price i must say

What exactly is going on at the helm of affairs of this country?