Monday, 6 August 2012


If i ever forget the Atlanta 96 Olympic games, then, am not a proud citizen of my country but what i don't understand is what exactly happened at London 2012...lack of preparation might be the answer but it seems we are just a glory of our past..the games is gradually folding up, some countries are rejoicing for medals, some for a great participation but my dear nation is no where to be found amidst the whole spirit of the game.

Aside not qualifying for the football men and women, Tennis, basketball, boxing all showed a sad outing for Nigeria..can we ever learn, i wont speak too much grammar on what should be done but please lets endeavor to promote our sports from the grassroot, our primary and secondary schools...make it a compulsory course at the university level.

China came to the Olympics with all the spirit of confidence that has been built 4 years before now..and they shocked the whole world at swimming, gymnastics and so on...What a Glory and you ask..Are we really the giant of Africa?