Sunday, 30 September 2012


Dear Nigeria, It is with much pleasure i write you and let me say a happy birthday to you for being alive up to 52 is a huge grace but there is so much am expecting from you..and so many of my friends are looking forward to learn a lot from you but some of your children have gone astray...

It was a great joy when you came to life in 1960, lots of dancing, music and good feeling that you will be a nation, fruitful with lots of children spread across the geo political zones but ma, you have derailed from that mindset...some of your children are dying daily, they are not sure of their tomorrow and others have decided to oppress their brothers and sisters because of their fortunate positions, which they have used to destroy the love, unity and faith we all share as your children.

I want you to sit down and look back at your history because you are so dear to the world and everyone wants the best for you...I pray you begin to see the true light and follow it with a mind that we all shall change from our ways, so that we can promise you that we shall not kill ourselves, torture our brothers and sister again..

I will continue to love you Nigeria because you are my home and home they say is always the best...Happy Birthday to the Green Nation.


I would like to know the state of Nollywood because they seem to have missed out on films that will either promote our culture or celebrate brilliance and they now misbehave under the umbrella of comic and humour, with slangs, dress sense and abuse of religion...the fact that Funke Akindele made a success out of Jenifa does not mean every Kunle, tom, dick or harry should wake up and throw anything at our faces, all in the bid to smile to the bank..

The Yoruba Movie world is meant to stand out by promoting and celebrating the Oodua culture but the story is completely different..slangs, slangs and more slang movies is what has filled the market, what exactly are we saying here?

I wont but say that credit must be given to the likes of Tunde Kelani who has a library of world class movies that is 100% Nigerian in style, language and pride of the Yoruba people...please find something worth doing, rather than flood our mind with these mess...


Nigeria has qualified for the quarter-finals of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in a 3-0 victory over Columbia. Chinwendu Ihezuo went close early on, her bullet header going just wide as she aimed to improve on her tally of six at Azerbaijan 2012. However they had to wait until the 32nd minute to open the scoring, Ihezuo feeding Ayinde to slot beneath Lissa Cardozo.

Nigeria were being limited to few chances despite dominating possession, but last-ditch tackles and blocks were keeping Colombia in it. Maldonado almost swung things back on level terms though, with her looping free-kick from 40 yards crashing off the crossbar on 50 minutes, only for Gift Andy to recover and prevent Marcela Restrepo tapping in.

Moments later Tessy Biahwo then struck a decent free-kick of her own, but Cardozo was equal to it. Nigeria then had the ball in the net 15 minutes into the second period, but it was ruled out for a foul after Cardozo spilled a cross. Captain Dayana Castillo almost drew Colombia level after breaking clear, only for Andy to deny her and seconds later, they were two down. Substitute Yetunde Adeboyejo combining well with Ayinde before the latter stroked the ball in off the bar.


The popular early 80's Village Headmaster is coming back to your television screen...there will be an audition for interested actors and actresses on wednesday, October 3rd 2012 at NTA Etv, Tejuosho, Yaba at 10am prompt...Village Headmaster was created by Late Ambassador Segun Olusola


                                                             Martina Hingis


This is a man that deserves to be honored by the Government of Nigeria for being honest...In 2007, Imeh Usuah, a taxi driver at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja picked up some passengers from the Airport, two foreigners, and dropped them at the Hilton Transcorp in Abuja.Unknown to the passengers and to him, they forgot a bag tucked underneath the seat which contained N18million, which he returned to them.

On Tuesday 25th September, 2012, Mr Imeh Usuah emerged the winner of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC), maiden Integrity Award. Mr. Usuah, accompanied with his wife, was awarded a plaque and N2.5 million for his honesty.

Honesty surely pays but many would definitely throw away that and go for the money..what if you were caught..and end up at the prison and your name will be ruined for life..


Waooooh...just like yesterday...Ming 12, and Aoki 10 went shopping with their creative mum, Kimora Lee at Beverly Hills...I wont be surprised if one of them decides to follow their mother's path by walking the runway some day...


Let me say a big congrats to Ayobami Ayoola for becoming the season 5 winner of the MTN project fame West Africa...The question now is, when will another West African country take that place..perhaps they are not good enough and i will say no but because it is organized by MTN Nigeria, the reasons are so clear..

For five straight seasons..starting with Iyanya, Mike, Chidinma, Monica to Ayoola...they are all Nigerians..this shows that the project is just a business strategy but alongside a worthy cause which is discovering new musical talents across the West African coast. It is a good venture so far but please the organizers should show a little sincerity by spreading this gesture to other countries.

It is clear that majority of the votes come from Nigeria which is a profit for the organizers..but be considerate for once, except you want to start calling it project fame Nigeria...


Supermodel Heidi Klum is seriously moving on with her life after her marriage with Seal collapsed...The multi-talented and multi-tasking entertainer and entrepreneur – whose accolades run the range from fashion guru to executive producer of a hit reality franchise – will be bringing her hosting A-game to the 19th annual awards show being held in Frankfurt’s historic Festhalle.

“I’m honoured to host the ‘2012 MTV EMA’ on its return to my home country of Germany,” said Klum, a native of Bergisch Gladbach, just two hours outside of Frankfurt.


This is not about Rumor having its way or someone chasing pavements but Adele has disapproved of using sexual exploitation to push record sales.Adele, who has sold over twenty million copies of her album ’21′ added, “to sell more records, I don’t need to do that. I just stand there and sing. I’m not worried that I’m a ‘plus size’ and so much bigger than other artists.”

I am sure most record labels will not agree with this opinion because they believe that is what pushes in profit for any recording artiste but it also necessary they put the sociocultural environment of the country they tour into consideration...perhaps this is why some international acts are usually rejected in some countries.

Is it possible for an artiste to succeed without the sexual angles involved...? I believe YES


The Twilight couple, Kristen and Robert are back together after the ill-wind that blew over their affair which was openly talked about by Kristen Stewart after she admitted to an affair with her married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders.

According to US Weekly magazine, the reunited couple is “living together and have reconciled,” though a source says that Pattinson is taking things slow because he’s “extra-sensitive right now. He’s insecure.”. If they are meant to be, they will be but they should stay away from the press and interviews for a while if they want to rebuild their castle that collapsed in July.


I find this very funny because the general view about any Naija man proposing to a foreign lady is just about the cash...smiling to the bank and please lets forget the love quotes. Gigi Chao, daughter of a Hong Kong billionaire says she had been bombarded with marriage proposals from as far as Nigeria after her father offered about £40 million(HK$500 million) to the man who could win her heart. She said some men have even sent their nude photographs to her!

This is the reason why i do not blame most established ladies from my country who have decided to remain single or perhaps single parents because guys are just so mean...Ms Chao, 33, said she had received about 200 proposals and that the number of people following her on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook had jumped by 1,500.

 Will she ever find a true love....considering the amount of money involved? perhaps, that man must be from Shakespeare's generation..and we all know that women are moved by what they hear.


I present to you a president so humbled in governance, it was a surprise to me when i came across his story that i could not help but write about him for everyone to learn from him...especially the leaders of my country, Nigeria.

President of Uruguay, José Mujica is a living proof of humility in service – a beacon of hope that indeed, leadership is still all about service to the people not self. President José Mujica is getting world wide recognition and respect for donating 90 percent (not slashing ‘25%’) of his earnings to charitable causes.
The President said in a recent interview that the only big item he owns is his Volkswagen Beetle car, valued at $1,945 dollars (about N308,283). He earns a salary of $12,500 a month (N1,981,250), but only keeps $1,250(N198,125) for himself, donating the rest to charity.

I wont be negative about my leaders because their wealth is always thrown at the faces of the poor masses through their houses, cars, businesses and other flamboyant lifestyles which has extended to our so called celebrities who benefit from their wealth and then hide under the umbrella of public relation.

The people wail everyday for just a meal in the morning or before going to bed, and thats if the landlord is not making a scene about their house much is happening in Nigeria but we are just a people who hang on grace due to our socio-religious background...and that is even suffering right now.

Anyways, please take a cue from this humble man...


President Obama has escaped another plane crash, the second in the ongoing campaign to return to the White House...Its easy to link this situation to political rivals within the US Governance but who says they cant be a technical fault. Reuters news agency reported that the plane ferrying President Obama to election campaign events in Ohio took two attempts to land while those aboard were “shaken by turbulence.”

Major reports have linked it to weather situation within that time...Elections are near and it will be a global disaster should anything happen to this great Orator called Obama

Saturday, 29 September 2012


32 Year old Home Alone Star, Macaulay Culkin has drifted to the artistic world of painting.he’s been focusing on a career as an artist – and is so serious about it that he’s converted his Manhattan apartment into an art studio.

For the last year, Culkin has been working with his friends Adam Green and Toby Goodshank on an art exhibit called “Leisure Inferno,” which recently opened and is showing until December at the gallery Le Poisson Rouge. While prepping for the show, the guys – who call themselves Three Men and a Baby (3MB) – converted Culkin’s $2 million apartment into an art studio. 

I actually thought its a good investment for him because of the experiences he has gone through in life but i hope he does not end up badly.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Coming soon on an exclusive story of a young man who has the eye for the creative edge of a pageant...Santiago Robert is the creative director/producer for Mr Universe Nigeria.


The members of the house of representative launched an agitation for a N7m increase in their quarterly allowance, barely 24 hours after resuming from a two-month recess. Each member of the House currently enjoys N27m per quarter as allowances but the lawmakers want the sum jerked up to N35m.

Speaker of the House, Aminu Tambuwal, reportedly had a hectic time calming frayed nerves at an executive session on Wednesday.
Some of the lawmakers, in seeking an increased allowance, at the closed door session, reportedly raised questions of financial impropriety against the leadership of the House.
They reportedly questioned how the “N5m” budgeted for each member’s medical expenses and insurance was utilised by the House.

What exactly is the national assembly turning to?...Is this a good example for the young ones and yet, the president wants corrupt leaders voted out of power...what are we saying here?


I have no clue to the intentions of the publishers but this is not photography...yes we are in the age of creative photography but this is just too extreme..She looks like a character from any of the Hollywood's Vamp or horror flicks...
This is the Omosexy we all know...


I am glad about this development because it shows that Nigerians have what it takes to impact the world especially when it comes to knowledge...and how come he is not given a national honour?

Prof. Adesida, 63, who is a native of Ifon in Ondo State, is a Nigerian engineer who has had outstanding works in the field of Nanotechnology.  A former head at the Electrical Engineering Department of Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria, Prof Adesida is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the American Vacuum Society, and the Optical Society of America.

Prof. Ilesanmi Adesida has made history by becoming the first black Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the United States.


Its a trend around the world today for popular individuals in various sects across the globe to be faced with certain issues, the entertainment scene is no stranger to such...and that is why journalists are always speaking to publicists who speak and answer questions on behalf of these celebrities.

In Nigeria, its painful when stories emanate and there is no clue as to how the story can be effectively managed and killed before everyone turns it into a song..Are there professional publicists or is just friends, brothers, sisters who act as managers..i have no problem with that but its no child's play when you are a celebrity in Naija...a lot comes with the money and fame, you must have a rugged and sophisticated individual as a publicist.

Recently, the table has turned towards Adedeji David Adeleke, also known as many issues are coming up, which some might be true and others might not be..but he has a lot of work to do when it comes to public relations. Nigerians love his music but some people have complained about Attitude...a common trend among Nigerian Celebs.

He recently resolved a case of beating up a taxi driver by saying its blackmail...I believe his too young to take charge of that matter and its not about a record label or how much money you have in the bank...get a professional to handle your matter and sweep it under the rugs for good..


When i actually read this news, i was a little bit doubtful about the decision to have Nicki on the American Idol Family but i later swallowed by opinions about her...the truth is that Nicki will inspire a complete style and creativity to the performances on the stage..As you know, joining Randy Jackson is Mariah Carey and Keith Urban.

We should be expecting a completely different 12th season of American Idol..all thanks to a combination of Mariah and Nicki as judges..Mariah will inspire vocal strength and Nicki will wake up that eclectic swag among the participants.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


There are indications that Lagos state would ban people from smoking in pulic places, in a statement issued by the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaye
He told newsmen that the provisions of the new traffic laws had prohibited people from drinking or smoking while driving in the state.

He said, “It is an offence to smoke while driving, smoking is totally prohibited for drivers; obviously it is not just for safety reasons it is also for health reasons because we are moving towards banning smoking in all public places.
“It is an offence to drive drunk; if you’ve been taking drugs, this law provides for blood test to determine whether you have ingested drugs which are inconsistent with your ability to drive.

Some Lagosians are already confused as to what Lagos is turning to, due to the various laws emanating everyday...I do not have a problem with the laws but are there established measures that will guide the strict compliance to these laws...?


A Mobile content developer is proud to announce the release of SpeakYoruba, the first in a series of mobile apps aimed at preserving and promoting African languages. SpeakYoruba is currently available on iOS with dedicated versions for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. 

Animated flashcards in bright, fun colours for each letter of the Yoruba alphabet and English/Yoruba pronunciation guides provide a for a fun and easy way to learn Yoruba. Puzzles and English/Yoruba translation games in the SpeakYoruba iPad app encourage retention and help users build a basic vocabulary. 

With over 20 million speakers, Yoruba is one of Africa’s most widely spoken languages with additional native speakers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom are also home to a growing community of immigrant Yoruba speakers from West Africa.

SpeakYoruba is perfect for kids young and old looking to build a basic Yoruba vocabulary, or for anyone with an interest in African culture, music and heritage!

I was in a conversation recently with some friends over the fast interest of the Europeans and White Americans to learn the Yoruba language, a language some Nigerians are running away from...infact, I suggest that the three major languages should be passed before you get any admission into either a secondary school or the university.


About fifty people have been confirmed dead in a ghastly road accident that occured yesterday at the Ijebu-Ode roundabout of the notorious Benin-Ore Expresseway.
A vehicle driver was said to have lost control of the vehicle possibly due to brake failure, causing it to ram into by-standers. Street hawkers, Okada riders and even passenger-buses were not spared in the accident, at the end of which over fifty people died.

This particular route is always a threat to travellers due to the bad road and it seems Nigerians are tired of complaining...when it seems no one is hearing. Are our leaders waiting for the time when Ghosts will be hunting them day and night...i guess not?


This is surely a good development to the bank accounts of these guys and Nigeria as a whole...More Young Nigerians are now trooping into the studios to cook great beats and lyrics..all thanks to Dbanj and so many others

Africa’s hottest contemporary artists could also be in the frame for an EMA award, as Sarkodie, Camp Mulla, Wizkid, Mi Casa and D’Banj fight it out for a slot in the Worldwide Act category, where they will compete against their peers in India and the Middle East (from Monday 15 October). The final Worldwide Act nominees from each region (Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa/India/Middle East) will be announced the week of 30 October and the winner will be named at the show in Frankfurt.

Viewers can vote for EMA categories such as Best New, Best Live and more by visiting online. Voting for EMA categories is open now until 23:59 CAT on Friday 9 November 2012.

After posting this news, i could not help think deep on the criteria being used to select African nominations for this particular award..where is Asa, Tuface, Femi Kuti, Nneka, Darey....I guess the organizers know better but i hope its not because they both dine and wine with the GOOD and CONVICT dudes...


Our sincere gratitude to all the readers of this blog, please henceforth, the blog is addressed as
We are working hard everyday to keep you abreast of the happenings around the world and most importantly, a constructive analysis of the news

Friday, 14 September 2012


The superstar couple will hold a fundraiser with Obama on Tuesday at a swanky New York nightclub that Jay-Z owns.
Tickets are $40,000, but the campaign says a small donation lands a chance to win two tickets — airfare and hotel included.
Beyonce says in an email to Obama's supporters that she's a huge fan and will do whatever it takes to help him win a close race.
This isn't the first time the Obamas have teamed up with the A-list couple to promote each other's causes.

Its quite a good initiative for politics and showbiz to dine on the same definitely expecting the dividends thereafter..

Thursday, 13 September 2012


The Federal Government of Nigeria has approved a total of $11.3 million to procure condoms and other family planning commodities.

This revelation was made by the Director of Family Health in the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Bridget Okoeguale, while speaking in Abuja on Thursday at the 47th National Council Meeting of the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria. According to her, the said amount is for the purchase of condoms, implant and other necessities.

This is part of plans to ensure the realization of the birth control and population check, NOT encourage pre-marital sex!...This is completely weird because are they present to ensure the condoms are used during the act...In this age and time where most girls are desperate to become a single mum


The conservative Saudi Arabia has seen their first female director make her debut at a film festival in Venice despite all the odds against her. Haifaa Al Mansour  tried to make people see through the limitations placed on women in the conservative Islamic kingdom through the tale of a strong-willed 10-year-old girl, Wadjda, living in Riyadh.

Director Haifaa Al Mansour said “Wadjda” aims to address the segregation of women in Saudi Arabia, where they hold a lower legal status to men in all things; are banned from driving and need a male guardian’s permission to work, travel or open a bank account.

Directing in Saudi has been hard on Al Mansour with mixing with men seen as a taboo especially in conservative areas of the country. She would hide in vans at times and communicate with her male actors on walkie-talkie. She’s happy though that things are getting better.

Born in 1974 to a poet, Abdul Rahman Mansour, Although her film may have limited audience in her homeland, producers have however promised a wide distribution on DVD and TV, as movie theatres are illegal in Saudi Arabia.


Its no longer news that the Nigerian Music scene is having a good romance fever wit some international acts but now it seems the Make believe Industry, Nollywood is also trying to enjoy such flavour...

Wyclef Jean and Akon would feature along Nollywood star artistes like Fred Amata, Nse Ikpe-Etim, OC Ukeje, and Robert Peters due to be released later this year, titled Black November.
The music stars joined the movie cast in the final lap of shooting, which took place in Los Angeles, California.

The movie Black November is about the Niger Delta ‘struggle’.
Black November stars Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Mbong Amata, Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Sarah Wayne Callies, Enyinna Nwigwe, and Anne Heche.


President Goodluck Jonathan has told Nigerians to vote out bad leaders in government. According to the Nigerian Tribune, he said they should be able to utilise the power of the voter’s card to get rid of the bad eggs. He also said his administration decided to sanitise the electoral process to ensure that the wish of the people prevailed at elections.

The president noted: “In this country, these days, people talk about corruption. Sometimes those who are corrupt even shout more about corruption but we are tackling it gradually.”...Who are the bad leaders and under whose control and authority do they operate?


Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola has politely declined the honour of a chieftaincy title from a royal father, Oniru of Iru land, Lagos, Oba Abidun Idowu Oniru.
He, however, received the award of excellence conferred on him by the monarch who was celebrating his 75th birthday and 18th coronation anniversary. While expressing his appreciation to Oba Oniru for honouring him, Fashola said the task of governance required absolute focus and would want the chieftaincy title to wait for now.

He said, “Kabiyesi and his chiefs can continue to lead us, let them deal with all those traditional and chieftaincy issues. At the appropriate time, we will come and join them, but for now, leave us in our suits, booths, overalls and helmets, because this agbada is not good for clearing refuse and tarring the roads.”

What an intelligent response from a Governor who knows the essence of governance...


Do you remember what happened in Nigeria back then, when Eedris Abdulkareem released a song titled Nigeria jaga jaga...a lot of us actually rocked and danced along, forgetting its about our country but a man who completely frowned at it is General Olusegun Obasanjo...

I think its very unpatriotic of any artiste to use the countrys social issues in a very negative platform under, Eedris has decided to reply the General in a song titled Baba...what is eedris driving at...a publicity move so that we can concentrate on him again?

And am sure he is not expecting Baba Iyabo to take a step into the music studio and give him a reply just like they do in the industry...This is definitely a sacrifice into more fame but i hope it does not back fire on him


148 Nigerians have been shortlisted to be conferred with National Honours on September 17, 2012. A statement on Sunday by the Permanent Secretary (Special Duties Office) in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Dr. Henry Akpan said.

Among the recipients are six Supreme Court Justices (CFR); the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar (CFR); Gabriel Igbinedion (CFR), former Managing Director of UBA Plc, Tony Elumelu (CON); and former Acting Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Kawu Baraje (CON).

Some governors also made it to the list. They are Gabriel Suswam (Benue), Martin Elechi (Ebonyi), Emmanuel Uduaghan (Delta) and Danbaba Suntai (Taraba), who will be conferred with CON.
Other recipients include Nollywood director, Teco Benson (MFR), the General Overseer of TREM, Bishop Mike Okonkwo (MFR), Osemawe of Ondo, Obama Victor Kiladejo (MFR) and film director, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe (MFR) and others.

This is a significant award and so, the number should be reduced which will make it more genuine...


After four years playing the role of Telema Duke on M-Net TV’s hit soap opera, Tinsel, actress Damilola Adegbite has announced her exit from the show.
In an official statement released by her management Cartwheel & Pandora PR to BellaNaija, Adegbite’s exit from Tinsel is ‘a professional career decision that had to be made’.

‘Damilola is sad to be saying goodbye to the show and would deeply miss everyone. The last four years spent on the show has been a very beautiful and fulfilling experience for her; Damilola over the course of four years has built not only a good work relationship, but great friendship and regards the entire cast and crew as family’, the statement read.

The statement also revealed that Adegbite is currently on a movie set with AMAA award winning film maker, Michelle Bello and is ‘very excited about the next phase of her career’ as she will be playing the lead role of the movie.
‘I’m so sad saying goodbye to my tinsel family, but I’m also happy because it’s the beginning of new things for me‘, Damilola tweeted.

I say congrats dammie but i know its all about the money and fame...


To improve maternal health in the country, the Federal Government has commenced a primary healthcare programme that includes payment of N5, 000 to every pregnant woman that patronizes primary health centres.
However, the money won’t be given out at once, but in bits. Beneficiaries will receive N1, 000 twice during antenatal, receive N2, 000 at childbirth and another N1, 000 after childbirth to enable them apply the financial aid at different stages of need including receiving immunization.

I hope some greedy people do not take advantage of this medium to steal money, no matter how much is involved...and that should not lead to an increased rate of sex in the land, all at the aim of getting pregnant to make money.


Students in Lagos state are about to become plurilingual! The Lagos state government has said it would introduce Chinese language in public schools’ curriculum! This is to take effect as from next session. This joins the list of English language, indigenous languages and French language already being taught in the schools.

It was said that learning the language in the state’s public schools would be an opportunity for the pupils and students to speak the language and be able to adapt to the Chinese culture.
The Director of the Chinese Confucius Institute, University of Lagos, Prof. Caleb Orimoogunje, said the institution was ready to assist the state with necessary logistics to make the teaching and learning of the language easier.

I quite understand the essence of this but have we digested our own languages very well before we begin to appetize on another language...Chinese...hmmm..all the best 


This is a great gift to these guys after going through so much to have a baby...another star is born again in Hollywood


It is now mandatory for tenement/owners and occupiers to landscape and beautify the perimeter areas of their properties. A violation of this would attract N250, 000 or the amount the state would incur if it decides to carry out the beautification, or six months imprisonment or other non-custodian sentences…also anyone caught felling trees in the state or trimming them without permission would be fined a minimum of N50, 000 or sent to one year imprisonment.
It is also an offence to walk on lawns and gardens. Urinating, defecating in any  of the parks, gardens and open spaces; loitering or soliciting for illegal purposes, smoking and dumping refuse among others in the parks are also offences.”

 And now that Lagos State government wants to beautify the state and make it look like Paris, new laws have been established. An agency has also been set up – Lagos Parks & Gardens (LASPRAK), whose mandate is to ensure the sustainability of the environment and further enhance the aesthetics of the state.

This is actually a good way to make Lagosians behave but its weird when flowers are involved....hmmmm...this is a serious matter i must say, by the way...operation plant flowers nowwwwww


The Lagos State Government wants to make the Guinness Book of Records by engaging 300,000 students in a tooth-brushing challenge. This is part of the plans to mark the 2012 World Oral Heath Day.
It is going to be a minute of tooth-brushing that starts at noon on December 5, 2012. About 300,000 students to participate in the exercise, would be drawn from about 300 schools in the state.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Health, Dr. Yewande Adeshina  said the challenge was aimed at improving the attitude of Nigerians to oral health.
“This project does not just aim at breaking the world record but to provide vital health information to adolescents while providing a research line for future oral health planning.”

This is a great initiative and i hope it yields a positive result, more so, amidst the various social issues in the country, this is a good diversion that can lift up our souls as Nigerians. 


 There are few people in Nigeria today that will consider leaving the telecom industry for the fashion world, considering the income generated but Chuks Collins, the brain behind Kholyns Couture, took that step gladly by starting his business in 2007.

Sitting with Chuks and hearing him talk about fashion proves that it is an issue of following a passion, one that make you smile to the banks, if you truly know what you are doing. Chuks says he wanted to change the way people dress and enrolling at the African en Vogue Fashion School, Ghana in 2008, proves further that this is a man who eats, drinks and dwells with couture and ready to wear clothing.

The Kholyns Contemporary Couture brand does a complete consultation and not just making clothes, as they consider building the perfect wardrobe for that occasion of yours. He confidently says he is made with Gods DNA and has got passion that differentiates him from his peers.

This conservative young man had about four months internship programme with Deola Sagoe, a force to reckon with in the fashion industry. He also values the works of Tiffany Amber, Alexander McQueen and Mai Atafo. This Delta state born has showcased his work at the Lagos Fashion Week, Nigerian Television Fashion Show, The Style Nite,Western Canada Fashion Week and Belarus Fashion Show.

Despite the various challenges that come his way as a business entrepreneur in the style world, Chuks Collins has not limited himself in this creative world as he is expected to create 70 dresses, being the official designer for the Miss Intercontinental Pageant holding in Germany. He will also be coming up superb surprises with his Spring collection at the New Jersey Fashion Week and the Fiji Island Fashion Week.

When it comes to the motivating spirit, Chuks says he is always expectant, creating something new, and the belief that there are people hoping for something new. He actually laughed and stood up confidently when i asked him if he wears his clothing line, and truly, i could see a good result from the creative use of the Ankara fabric he wore.

Chuks Collins is a success because he has used passion has a benchmark to measure his growth in the fashion world. He is the proud brand manager for Allen Ukwuru, the Nigerian Representative at the Model of the Universe Pageant 2012

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The last day of every month is spent by some people at the Church, Mosque, bars and social gatherings...I decided to take a trip to Ogun State via the rail system.If i had seen a vision of what the experience would be like, I would have followed our regular traffic jam route.

I bought a ticket at One hundred and fifty naira at the Yaba Terminus, which would take me down to Ota, Ogun State...As usual, i was expecting to get a seat and feel relaxed as i go but to my amazement, i was actually going to stand in a coach all the way through...

Honestly, i have never seen any means of transportation in Lagos that is quite overloaded like the train, there was no room to give out carbondioxide and oxygen was no where to be found...Its a case of breathing into each other, having all sort of people on board.

I actually promised myself not to experience such again until its quite convenient...i love my life


The issue of copyrights is certainly a global issue but i guess its really taken for granted in this part of the world as some artistes lift up lyrics without prior permission but how do we differentiate between an original lyrics and a fake one..The likes of Omawunmi have had issues in the past, now, it is Flavour...Wutah has dragged Nigerian highlife sensation, Flavour Nabania to court over the alleged theft of their intellectual property. According to the Ghanaians, Flavour’s new single Kwarikwa on which he featured Fally Ipupa, was a ‘carbon copy’ of their Kotosa song which they released in 2008.