Sunday, 30 September 2012


I find this very funny because the general view about any Naija man proposing to a foreign lady is just about the cash...smiling to the bank and please lets forget the love quotes. Gigi Chao, daughter of a Hong Kong billionaire says she had been bombarded with marriage proposals from as far as Nigeria after her father offered about £40 million(HK$500 million) to the man who could win her heart. She said some men have even sent their nude photographs to her!

This is the reason why i do not blame most established ladies from my country who have decided to remain single or perhaps single parents because guys are just so mean...Ms Chao, 33, said she had received about 200 proposals and that the number of people following her on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook had jumped by 1,500.

 Will she ever find a true love....considering the amount of money involved? perhaps, that man must be from Shakespeare's generation..and we all know that women are moved by what they hear.