Thursday, 20 September 2012


Its a trend around the world today for popular individuals in various sects across the globe to be faced with certain issues, the entertainment scene is no stranger to such...and that is why journalists are always speaking to publicists who speak and answer questions on behalf of these celebrities.

In Nigeria, its painful when stories emanate and there is no clue as to how the story can be effectively managed and killed before everyone turns it into a song..Are there professional publicists or is just friends, brothers, sisters who act as managers..i have no problem with that but its no child's play when you are a celebrity in Naija...a lot comes with the money and fame, you must have a rugged and sophisticated individual as a publicist.

Recently, the table has turned towards Adedeji David Adeleke, also known as many issues are coming up, which some might be true and others might not be..but he has a lot of work to do when it comes to public relations. Nigerians love his music but some people have complained about Attitude...a common trend among Nigerian Celebs.

He recently resolved a case of beating up a taxi driver by saying its blackmail...I believe his too young to take charge of that matter and its not about a record label or how much money you have in the bank...get a professional to handle your matter and sweep it under the rugs for good..