Sunday, 30 September 2012


I would like to know the state of Nollywood because they seem to have missed out on films that will either promote our culture or celebrate brilliance and they now misbehave under the umbrella of comic and humour, with slangs, dress sense and abuse of religion...the fact that Funke Akindele made a success out of Jenifa does not mean every Kunle, tom, dick or harry should wake up and throw anything at our faces, all in the bid to smile to the bank..

The Yoruba Movie world is meant to stand out by promoting and celebrating the Oodua culture but the story is completely different..slangs, slangs and more slang movies is what has filled the market, what exactly are we saying here?

I wont but say that credit must be given to the likes of Tunde Kelani who has a library of world class movies that is 100% Nigerian in style, language and pride of the Yoruba people...please find something worth doing, rather than flood our mind with these mess...