Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Just like the White House is every Americans dream, the Aso Rock Villa at Abuja is every politicians dream and it is always a case of the strongest in every angle you can think of...there are two top politicians who desire to be there, Olusegun Mimiko and David Mark..

Mimiko is the incumbent governor of Ondo State and Mark is the Senate President of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Just few weeks ago, Mimiko was re-elected back into office for the second tenure which is to begin next year feburary. There are speculations that the governor is aiming higher than just being a governor and there are indications that the senate president as well is eyeing the Aso rock seat.

There are other silent game movers out there but the Nigerian politics is always played in a dirty mud..if you cannot survive the heat and dirt, you have to move out before you get stained beyond recognition. It is time we respect the villa and see it as a place for reputable leaders, people who have a reason and mission to lead, Hausa, Igbo or is about vision, mission and love for the entire populace.

I would also want to know how long it takes before one can decide to lead Nigeria because so many wake up after few months in one office, and decide to go for the presidency..Is it Mark, Mimiko or who?...Time will tell but please play clean..