Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I have made so much noise like a town crier about the need for Nigerian Celebrities in the movie and music world to come up wit strategic programmes that will add value to the lives of their fans and society as a whole...Yes, there are a few ones doing outstanding things but we need more because the government will certainly not be there at all times but with their great heights in life, some social welfare programmes can be of help...

“The Waje Safe House is an initiative of Waje that is aimed at supporting NGO’s and causes that need help to achieve their goals and targets” the singer posted on her Facebook wall. This was to launch the new NGO on Nigeria’s Independence day. The singer said the idea to reach out to some needy people in the society began to germinate when she visited a children’s school at the slum quarters of Makoko in Lagos after her encounter with a lady, Doyinsola Ogunye who had an ongoing aid project.

She told The Vanguard: ‘It concerns some of the poorest but most cheerful kids ever . Every quarter, Waje Safe House will partner with an NGO to raise funds and awareness for their projects.’

Others should please emulate this lady...and stop exploiting us through your events that the minimal fee starts from 50,000 naira and so on