Thursday, 4 October 2012


Its a great joy to carry a child in your womb for 9 months and have a safe delivery thereafter...celebrations with music, food and all you can think of is the order of the day...but the welfare of that child is very important and when that does not occur, something is wrong with the parents...why have a child in the first place.

I recently passed through Cele area of Lagos, along Oshodi Apapa Expressway and for the few minutes i sat in a bus at a park, two little boys came to meet me and asked for money...the first thing i exclaimed was...where is your mother and he said...she don go Obalande, whether he was lying or woman should use her child to make money in the name of helping the less priviledged, moreso, roaming an area like Cele.

These children can be taken to special homes if you cannot afford their welfare because they can grow to become street thugs in the near future and the effect is very bad to the society.