Thursday, 4 October 2012


I really do not expect a feud between these two people because there is nothing to rival about..lets start with the age factor, Mariah is older than Nicki, she is happily married with twins..and to the music career, Mariah is far above Nicki and so i might be quick to judge Nicki and say...she is insecured but i know this might translate into a music video very soon..

Rumors of drama between Minaj and Carey began to swirl as soon as the new panel was officially announced on Sept. 16.

After a meeting on Wednesday attended by the pair, Minaj said to Carey, "I love you, but we might fight again," according to Walters. "Mariah responded, 'No, we will not.'"
Walters said Carey told her that the singer had hired extra security.
"Mariah said she doesn't feel comfortable emotionally," Walters reported. "But she will continue with the show because she loves the show. And she loves mentoring the contestants."