Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So many development and growth is happening fast in the entertainment industry these days...from top notch videos, mad lyrics, great endorsement, reality shows and now, posing nude for a cool cash...Adokiye has decided to throw away all negativity and go for posing good or bad does not make any meaning now cause even the picture has gone to the download market and i guess that is why gisturbia can even get an access to it...As a Nigerian, am i loving this...i am not sure because i cannot speak any ill of her but i certainly trust our society...

Newbie singer Adokiye has released pictures from a magazine spread. The ‘baby baby’ singer who featured rap artiste Olamide in her debut single is seen in her draws in most of the picture. She also appears nude in one of the pictures.
The release informed that she was cash in on $200,000 (plus a G Wagon Mercedes Benz car) deal with the magazine tabloid in New York, USA for the photo spread.

This is definitely for the single ladies in Nigeria but...i wont be surprised if many celebs join the band wagon soon...but why do they cover the nipple side when posing nude?