Saturday, 6 October 2012


I am yet to enjoy the best of Tonto Dikeh as an actress and yet, she is delving into the music world..and soon, she will run a promo telling us to buy a ticket of 50,000 naira to attend an album launch...Yes we all know she cares less about what we all say but the truth is that, some of our celebs in the make believe world need a rehab for their career fast.

If you know music is your thing, you would have ventured into it since and not follow the path of Next Movie star...and what exactly is she singing about..are we to expect more obscenity or what, what are your experiences in music...we need a break guys..

Even the world acclaimed Hollywood does not mess up their career in this way, yes they do have some crappy career moments but have you heard about Angelina Jolie and the likes going into the music world, even if they have the voice...the only appraisal about them is that the broadway works so good for them, where you can act and sing at the same time.

Please wake up...we are yet to swallow some of the awful songs being released daily in the Nigerian market and still, some others are coming in..i think you should invest that energy and resource into a brilliant film project or just go into a charitable work...or write a book about yourself.

Some of our stars do not know their right from wrong when it comes to their career...your career is not feeding our eyes with shows every now and then that costs lots of money, your career is not appearing at every red, green or orange carpet event and flaunting misappropriate and uncoordinated outfits called your style...your career is not appearing in just any kind of movie, all because you want to make ends meet..

A successful career has lots of children, such as investment into the lives of those who want to be like you, its about going for training and not being blinded with the 10,000 naira you receive per scene, your career is about being nice to the press no matter what, they can kill you or sell you...your career brings fulfillment and how many of them are truly fulfilled?