Saturday, 6 October 2012


Yes...this is no more news to many Nigerians because bad news spreads like wild fire in the bush but i took my time to post this due to what i am about to write...I should rule out the fact that these murderers do not have the fear of God, if you cannot create a being, while kill one..moreso, these harmless young Nigerians who have a dream..and i ask, who is not a thief in Nigeria?

Everyone is a thief in Nigeria...i am not saying this to paint my nation black but we are truly black, perhaps our national flag should have a tint of black somewhere and not the white that says peace...our greeness is quite fertile to commit atrocities such as this one.

And i continue, everyone is a thief in Naija...from Artistes who steal lyrics, we bloggers that upload the same story, marriage destroyers through gossip, Husband and wife snatchers...and to the billionaires who call themselves our leaders, stealing the nations wealth much more is happening and yet some people just decide to take the lives of these youngsters in their twenties...all because of laptops and phones

It is a shame and the government of Rivers State must sit up and do something fast because i know the presidency will not make any move, This is not a matter of what led this guys to this act but why take their lives...and you ask, do we have a good judicial system because anyone who kills should also face such beats, even more than that..

Yes, it is our tradition to say leave them to God for judgement but i stand to say the members of that community must all face the judicial dance and be punished for this act...what message are we even passing to the international community?