Saturday, 6 October 2012


The NTA Educational Television is a unique brand that stands as a recognized body within the NTA family and from its name, you can easily say it is known for promoting educational contents for learning. NTA educational television is strategically located at the heart of Lagos with a standard studio built under a World Bank Project Initiative and has since been into quality content production being an outstanding arm of NTA.

NTA educational television is currently promoting effective learning among all age groups through its quality programmes...FUN BUS-a package that is meant to entertain the children and at the same time learn...YOUNG INVENTOR-a content that promotes and celebrates the creativity of our young generations in the world of science...WORK IT OUT-this is a maths learning content for students in the junior high school...TAKE A STEP-a general quiz show for students in the senior high school. others include OUR WARMING WORLD-a documentary feature on climatic changes and occurrences...OUR HISTORY-a documentary feature that informs you about Nigeria, from past to present and HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW-a civic educational quiz show.

All these programmes are beamed on the network service of the NTA and also NTA International and there is no going back like they say on expanding knowledge across the country.

Go to and get the opportunity to know what makes them a unique brand in the NTA family.