Friday, 2 November 2012


What exactly is wrong with our so called celebs...Yes, God has blessed us with different talents but do not make a fool of those real and gifted music talents by waking up on a sad day to divert into music...when you have no clue about it..

Cossy revealed that, she would be doing an album launch come December 15, 2012 and she plans to feature several notable acts in the album. Though she declined to mention names but she promised that some of the names would be names already making waves in the music industry.

‘’I am putting finishing touches to the album. I can assure you that the album launch would be on December 15th of this year at the Prest Boat Cruise, Lekki. The album is a 15-track album. I am still gonna do small tidying up and work with other acts and producers’’ she said.

What!...a 15 track album, and what should be the lyrical many years of experience, what inspires your music, can you play any music instrument?...i really feel sorry, they should rather spend time developing other important things in their life, career and family...we all can talk with our mouth but not everyone can sing...i mean SING.