Saturday, 24 November 2012


Its one of those moment where we debate over these two notable screen icons...gene and omosexy, i must say that they both possess a great deal of beauty, charm and brains..and that is why we never stop the argument on who has the skill more..i have my favorite but that does not mean, i do not love the other..

These two have been shortlisted for the FAB Most STYLISH ACTRESS category for the FAB lifestyle awards alongside Rita Dominic, Nse Ikpe Etim and Beverly Naya..Is it really debatable in selecting the winner...I do not think so..?

If you really think you love any of this listed actress, then log on to and give your support..being a fan is not by mouth...

I cannot help but reach out to Genevieve Nnaji...yes, am proud to say she is my most stylish actress presently in Nigeria and Africa...With all respect and value for the craftmanship of Omotola, Genevieve has proved that she is stylish due to the current movie roles she earns, her endorsement deals, fashion label, public appearances and poise..i am not saying Omotola does not have them but i just swing with Genevieve..