Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Is there any reason why i should be worried about the fate of Funke Akindele in the make believe industry, Nollywood...Well, so much is happening in her life right now and only God can define the way out for her..even friends cannot save her..It is no longer news that she lost her 4 months old pregnancy...and definitely, tongues must have been wagging over the issue.

If i know the country i come from very well, a lot of fingers will be pointed at the other women in the life of her husband...Apart from marital issues, the career of Funke, does not seem to be looking upward, as the case was before her marriage...this is actually my concern...

To handle a career in a one man one wife case is not a joke...and now, you are entangled in a marriage that has two other women and children..this is no good platform for any career driven lady such as Funke Akindele...and the rate at which stars are rising in Nollywood these days, everyone needs to be on his feet.

I am not saying Funke should leave her husband but rather focus on her career which she has built over the years..loosing a baby is very sensitive enough to kill your desire on every other sector of ones life..