Thursday, 8 November 2012


This is a suggestive idea to the Nollywood guys..please come up with a movie that will truly pass the message of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola to the Okada Riders in Lagos, i mean the commercial motorcyclists across the metropolis...The essence of the message has not been fully digested by these guys and all they are doing now is to sabotage.

Let me be honest here, the bike riders are sometimes a one way ticket to the grave and i know most people agree with me on this...and so, there is no wrong in banning them from the highways across the state...yet, they have decided to vandalize government public transport systems.

The government of Lagos has taken a step to clean the state from all factors that will affect the healthy living and safety of its citizens..and that must include the okada riders, they ride at high speeds, some of them are not well trained or certified to ride...and sometimes under the influence of alcohol.

I am totally in support of this initiative...they can operate within their local governments and not taking everyone to the hospital or mortuary everyday..and they should please stop the resolution of saying they are graduates..because most of them are actually artisans.