Thursday, 15 November 2012


When you tell anyone that your profession is journalism, they become careful of what they do or say before makes the job mysterious because you have to respect the opinion of everyone around you and by that objectivity and fairness will dine with you always...

Just after i posted a write up about Reverend Chris Okotie of the Household of God and his marital ''traumas'', a friend involved me in a chat over my post...and he felt i was painting him bad, stating a case that marriage is not easy...and i do not attack the individual in you but certain characters emanating from those whom we see and adore all our lives.

In Nigeria here, Ministers of God are seen as great role models in the spiritual realm and if there is anything that should stand them out, it is a worthy married life that members of their church can adapt into their own marriage, He is a great person but i do not stand to agree that he can just swing in and out of marriage every time he feels like.

The purpose of my blog is to analyze the news we read or hear from the internet, television, radio or newspapers...and it is meant to give us a better understanding of the story, even without hearing from the sources...a blog is personal and my opinion is constructive.

This is part of the fairness i am talking about..some journalists cannot define true fairness and that could be as a result of other factors affecting the effectiveness of their work..For example, i feel concerned about the various news reports going around about the late Senator Saraki who passed away...Yes, he is a warlord of a big political party..but for some television stations to report and say his death is a great national loss and other things makes me feel unbalanced..some say a national that fair to those true heroes who are not recognized in the country..?

What makes Senator Saraki's death a national does that interpret the genetics behind our being a democratic country?...a national hero would have been influential in all sectors of the country and not to some political kingpins...