Saturday, 24 November 2012


Kween is back with a Christmas song titled Gbo Ohun..which means hear the voices of the angels..Well, it is an effort but certainly not a new song, except her own little flavour she added to it..Thanks for putting us in that mood of Christmas but i certainly hope credit is being given to the original owners of this song...

I just hope this is not a strategic way of winning her fans back who must have shifted to other new female acts...Most people might not remember Kween again because she got married and had a second child, and she has been in and out of the United Kingdom...Only time will tell if she still has a seat in the Nigerian Music Industry, a place that is flooded with numerous great acts who have got that sparkle better than Kween.

Kween is a beautiful performer but not a better singer, she is lovely on stage and so, i am certain she can pull off a good act any day, despite being busy with marriage, child care et al..