Thursday, 15 November 2012


Where is the faith that a lot of people had in the Lagos State University..I had an uncle who finished from this school many years ago and i know the quality of education he earned being a graduate of LASU...Today, the story is completely different, as that hope has been destroyed..i am totally speechless.

Yes, the state government is trying to put sanity into the institution by coming up with strategic plans to make it a worthy place but have they put the students into such plans, fees are way to high for some people to afford..but my concern is the External System students, also known as Part time Students..i mean, the evening class guys and babes, who must have worked very hard since morning and go to school in the evening from the hours of 5 to about 9pm daily...including weekends.

These guys spend a lot of money..including myself to have a ''life'' from LASU, I mean a Bachelors in Arts..since that is the defining factor of being recognized in Nigeria but alas, everyone is at home, work or just useless since the part time is not in session...what is happening..?

This is not the first fact, it will be a miracle for the school to start a new session just immediately one ends but no, negative surprises always spring is totally crazy when those that were still seating for an entrance exam into a school suddenly catch up with you..and if you are unlucky, they finish before you..while we are looking unto the altar of LASU to get our degree..

I am of the opinion that LASU should sell off the degrees at any amount...i believe some students will be willing to buy it and move on with their life...i can do without the degree because it does not define my career in any way but for those who are just starting..buying it will be awesome..

LASU should free the lives of its part time students spread across SURULERE, ANTHONY, JIBOWU and so on, afterall, the programme has been cancelled..Moreso, the buying of certificates is not strange in NIGERIA...and in this case, i have the right to buy it off because i have covered almost 4 years with them..

I believe most readers will expect me to give reasons why all this is going on but all i know is that, it is totally wrong and painful for students to have finished a session about 4 months now...and yet to resume a new session...