Saturday, 24 November 2012


All thanks to Goldie as fellow Big Brother Housemate, Prezzo, has found a home in the heart of Nigeria..well, reasons known to him..what amazes me is the denial that he never said Goldie's music was whacked ..seriously Prezzo, we do not expect that from you but i know Nigerians will be happy to receive your music here, only if it is the right stuff because we do not waste time calling your bluff once it does not appeal to us...

As for the politics, you have to get your foot right...i am sure its not a kind of gubernatorial or presidential ambition...because it will only be a disaster for you. I am sure Prezzo has other reasons why he is relocating to Nigeria and not just because of music, acting and politics, which is awkward by the way.

This is actually a good ground for his acting and music i stated, if he behaves well on and off screen, then, Nigerians will love him all the way...this only shows that despite all we go through as a nation, we are still a force to reckon with in the entertainment scene around the globe...we are a nation that loves the arts..and that is why a lot of artistes feel at home...from Rick Ross, Serena Sisters, Brandy and so many Big Brother Stars..they all love the Nigerian Entertainment Culture.

We are accomodating, let us leave out the disparity between the rich and poor..and concentrate on those elements that binds us as talking about sports {football}, music, movies and entertainment as a whole. when it comes to these areas..our spirits soar beyond the skies and we glow for the whole world to see and admire us..we are a happy nation despite the poverty level..

It is not a mistake for having the green color..a fertile color in Agriculture and that has been reflecting in the entertainment scene around the world..God bless Nigeria