Wednesday, 7 November 2012


It is no longer news that this gentleman called Obama has been re-elected as the president of the United States of America under the Democratic platform...certainly, i saw this coming based on the different factors, he is an incumbent president but the most fascinating of all is his art of public speaking.

He was just out of law school and had been invited to write a memoir after becoming the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. The book emerged to friendly reviews, sold unremarkably and fell out of print. It’s a personal book, apparently unguarded. In it, he describes his memories of the month he had spent, as a schoolboy, with the father who had lived for most of his life on another continent. The chief thing that struck the child about his father was the way he spoke.

Obama made his first political speech as a very young man. At university in Los Angeles, he had become involved in student politics and he was called on to introduce a small anti-apartheid rally. It was a crowd, as he describes it, of “a few hundred restless after lunch” – with a couple of half-interested students playing frisbee to one side. Yet as he waited to speak, he recalled “the power of my father’s words to transform. If I could just find the right words, I had thought to myself. With the right words everything could change – South Africa, the lives of ghetto kids just a few miles away, my own tenuous place in the world.” He mounted the stage, he writes, “in a trancelike state”.

I wish i can have leaders who can command attention just like this noble man in my country, he is poised, charismatic, smart and a reputable leader who wants to serve and not to be served.