Thursday, 8 November 2012


For everything that occurs in this world, i believe the creator of this earth and the universe knows about it, even before it happens...and so, every Pastor, Reverend, Bishop that states predictions is perhaps living on a grace to say it and so, that gives him spiritual value and fame, especially, in Nigeria...where miracles are like winning an American visa lottery.

I am not saying Pastor T.B Joshua is wrong or right..but he has always been in the forefront of giving sports, politics, law and other sectors of Nigeria and even the world at large...the amazing thing is that some even give predictions of a calamity that will befall an entire nation and i ask, are these the plan of God for us...?

In everything we do, let us put it to God in prayer, i don't think we have to publicize everything, except we are searching for fame...
as for his predictions that Obama will win...we all know that Obama has the chances because of the factors in his favor, he is the incumbent and that is a high favor for someone who America loves so dearly.

Yes, his predictions were correct but...we all know Obama will win