Monday, 19 November 2012


The greatest joy of every woman is motherhood, no matter how they try to avoid it due to career and other factors...and this is a global fact but the amazing thing is the treatment given to some children being born by some women. I know some children can be difficult which could be traced to how the child is brought up in the first place.

I boarded a commercial bus within Lagos last week and i was touched by what i saw..This woman had a little baby on her back and had two other ones with elderly woman offered to carry one of the little child but i guess the boy felt comfortable with his mum, and so he moved to join the mum at the back seat.

The next thing was a slap on the head and she made a statement in yoruba language...that she does not know where she finds such a child...i was moved with this age when lots of couple are waiting daily on God to carry a child..and someone is lamenting over nothing.

This child should be between the age of 3 and 5..this is totally wrong of any woman..and i feel our government needs to come with laws that prohibit women from maltreating their children..and that is why child abuse is so rampant because if they can do that to their children, what then is the fate of those children working for them as laborers.

This is just one of those everyday experiences i encounter with some women...and they usually go for the head of the child every time, sometimes, very hot slaps that i cannot withstand myself...this is unfair and that is why i say some of them do not deserve a child..there are other instances that they place a curse on the child..which is certainly wrong because curses are known to germinate in Africa and generations after can benefit from it.