Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I guess we have to just endure this wind blowing around us about Goldie and Prezzo, who both met under the Big Brother Africa platform and since then, it is lovey dovey hype all over the media...The couple who attended a mutual friend’s wedding together, were spotted together at the Channel O 15th birthday party..

This is just one of those strategies used by celebs across the world to gather more fame into their basket because we will talk, and gossip about them...especially when they go extreme with their celebrity show off attitude in public glare...They were also rumoured to have got married secretly days ago, news still remains unconfirmed as Goldie denied even seeing Prezzo when asked if they were dating days ago.

Is this one of those ill wind that blows no good...time will tell but enjoy the fame while it lasts PREGOLDIE.