Saturday, 24 November 2012


Do you remember this lyrics...Me i like my country...I like Nigeria people, everything dey for Nigeria...make we join hands, to make Nigeria better..i guess some of us can but the reality check is that there are so many virus affecting our operating system that no antivirus can kill...and a very tough one is tribalism...

I travelled to the east recently and i must confess that i love the Igbo culture...for their hospitality, charisma and spirit of making money, if you know what i mean..and certainly, every tribe has its own unique qualities but a simple word of conflict against any tribe spells trouble, especially if not communicated properly.

On my return from the east with some colleagues, a woman brought up a land purchase issue which has to do with mentioning of names, and instead of just saying the name, she referred to him as Yoruba..and that is definitely a personal attack from an igbo woman..and what do you expect in such a situation where the message was not sent very was a 30 minute battle inside the bus, not physical but the debate over really got personal.

Tribalism has eaten deep into our lives, it is not about how educated or rich you is just a total spirit that dwells in our lives, whenever there is an issue, i feel names should and individuals should be addressed rather than saying it is the Igbos', or the Yorubas' are the ones or is the Ijebus'...we should not dwell on tribes but treat issues personally.

There is no doubt to say that every tribe has certain norms and ethics that should be respected but when it comes to very serious issues, let us move out of that tribe zone and face the real beat of solving issues the right way..i simplyb kept quiet inside the bus and watched these two women battle it out in insults..i am Yoruba and i can easily put sides with the Yoruba woman but what would i gain..more trouble i guess...

If you are a Yoruba Chief Executive, do not give a job to a Yoruba man because he is from your state..but based on deserving qualifications..let us be able to marry from another tribe without conflicting worries about who they are and what evil they can is not a mistake that we are still together as a country..

I have friends across most tribes of Nigeria..and there is no debate over their tribe but i deal with them as an individual, despite all the gist around the country about the Hausa's and Igbos, i still respect them as friends..and the only weapon is love and respect for ourselves...God bless Nigeria