Saturday, 24 November 2012


How gracious was it for Nollywood Actress and Producer, Monalisa Chinda when she tied the knot with Former Record label exective, Dejo Richards some years back...and only to end the marriage due to alleged wife battery...Monalisa has since moved on with her life and so did Dejo too...but Dejo moved on to get married to another woman known as Lamide in 2011.

Their marriage is about hitting the rocks following claims of domestic abuse from Lamide..she has actually made up her mind...and i ask, why do men beat up their wives?...Something is wrong somewhere and am not saying all men are the same because my father has never lifted up his hands on my mother, even though they did exchange words some times which was more like arguments...

This is not a spiritual matter but a case of irresponsibility which emanates from many factors, among which is upbringing, ego, maturity and so on...I know it is easier to support Lamide but no man has any right to lay his hands on a woman, they are meant to be a helper has the holy books put it, moreso, they make the home...they make every man complete..

This shows that Dejo might not succeed another third marriage if this one finally ends because no responsible woman will endure such a marriage..Please, my advise to ladies is to remain single if marriage will be earning you beating every day...and by the way, Monalisa would laugh at this thoughts..