Tuesday, 18 December 2012


The Nollywood Industry is daily flooded with talents who try to carve a niche for their selves amidst the huge number of stars but that has not stopped Aaron Sunday from stepping on the fame ladder as he has found a love in acting, modelling and voice work.

Aaron has continued to stand himself out with a daily work out routine just to keep fit, though some of his colleagues see this as a threat to them but he has decided to stand his ground and be focused in his career as an actor.

Aaron started with Mama Onome Buka, professionally in 2009 and since then, he has loved every moment...having admired the skills of star actor, Ramseh Nouah.The industry is certainly not about what you studied in School but it is important you get groomed professionally for what is ahead of you because challenging roles will come your way...Aaron took an acting course at Widescreen Actors Academy owned by AK Media Productions, aside being a graduate of Geology at the University of Calabar.

Aaron says Nollywood has been rewarding so far but can be frustrating going for auditions and not getting calls back but he has seen these factors as a motivation to keep moving on..With a lot of Soap Operas to his credit like Two Sides of a Coin, Nowhere to be Found and Crack in the Wall...and also a cameo appearance in Heroes and Zeros...it is just about getting to the peak for Aaron.

This reserved and homely Actor also shares the same love for the modelling world, having featured in commercials for Globacom, Airtel and Gulder...Aaron advises that training is very important for you to have a seat in any film industry and also try to read wide...

Aaron has continued to shine in the spotlight has more producers continue to give him the opportunity to feature in their work, just of recent, he clicked a job with a soap called Bridges..and more still on the way says Aaron..

If there is anything Aaron possesses right now, it is the spirit of confidence and self belief in the brand he sells as one of the Actors with a unique class and value..