Sunday, 27 January 2013


Some years back, Nollywood served us with thrash, and i mean it...from scripting, make up, continuity, editing, casting and was a total shame to be a Nigerian when you talk about movies, except for our stage plays which was classic..presently, we have introduced film, as we shoot on 35mm.

Sometime ago, i went to a store to purchase a Nigerian Movie and my heart reached for Ije but i was told to buy In the Cupboard, produced by Desmond Elliot..well, i did not regret seeing the movie, as Desmond has grown into a prolific Director but again, i came across Ije recently and had no choice but to watch it because i wanted to see the collaboration of a Genevieve and Omotola in one Film.

The producer of Ije made no mistake in casting these two Divas, as it was a total classic for me..we can see for ourselves the number of awards the Feature has won so far..all thanks to the actors, cinematographers and the great Directing of Chineze Anyaene..the budget for this drama is 2.5 million dollars.

This is not an issue of saying..ohhh please, she was born into do not need to meet her to know she is a determined individual who has a vision of where she is going, and passionate about it.

If you want to appreciate the standard and effort put into this Feature, please take a sneak preview into the making and you will feel what am talking about, from the make up, the continuity, camera work, is so awesome and to know that Chineze Anyaene passed through the New York Film Academy shows she meant business with ije..truly a journey.

Ije has joined the leagues of my most favorite films; others include The Meeting, Mirror Boy, Tango with Me, Jenifa, The Figurine and Mr and Mrs.


The precise song i will be listening to if i was in this position would be Livin La vida Loca by Ricky Martins and i will have few ladies attending to all my needs..i mean, all my needs...What a life for the Idibias...I know visiting a spa aint a big affair but seeing little Idibia at this comfort sure proves she arrived into the right family of Mr and Mrs Innocent Idibia..

Daddy must have been busy in the studio or perhaps preparing for the White Wedding..I presume there is a time table for this great ceremony and one of the routines is to visit the spa..who says life isn't beautiful...but mummy Annie, spend wisely and with never can tell when the rainy day would come, more so, in this age of climate change when we do not know the hour for rain and dry weather.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Ellen Degeneres is one woman who beams smile to many faces for her humorous words..she is 55 and still keeps her head high in strength and creativity at what she loves best..she is married to Portia Lee James DeGeneres, known professionally as Portia de Rossi, is an Australian actress, best known for her roles as lawyer Nelle Porter on the television series Ally McBeal and Lindsay F√ľnke on the sitcom Arrested Development

Anita Baker is also 55 years now...Baker has won eight Grammy Awards, and has four platinum albums and two gold albums to her credit. She was one of the definitive quiet storm singers of the '80s. Gifted with a strong, supple alto...sweeeet love.

Kirk Franklin is 43...He is an American gospel musician, choir director, and author. He is known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God's Property and One Nation Crew, and has won multiple awards, including seven Grammy Awards..he has been one of the brightest stars in contemporary gospel music and he was one of the reasons why i love Christ because of the way he sang about him...


OMG..Rihanna goes to the Eden night club in Hollywood without a bra....seriously, what was she thinking...ohhh, i forgot, she is a star and she has to shine so bright for the whole world to see right now..The 24-year-old singer went bra-less for the night out, with the sheer fabric of her ensemble showing her skimpy black underwear beneath.

This is what our girls see and represent, even our so called celebs here who have aged passed these little rihannas still adopt such dress sense..well, am sure this is not what Hollywood represents and this is just out of line...i feel like screaming right now..

I am not against wearing such but it should be within the four walls of her room, where no cameras are planted..but not going out to the club with no braaaaa...seriously, am having a bra-ache right now...She is actually cool with all these controversies surrounding her..but the end will be bad miss Rihanna...


She has decided to create a forum where her gospel would be preached more...words of wisdom, inspiration, music, life and so she comes up the'' beyhive''...The blog gives Beyonce a medium to express her thoughts and imaginations with her fans. In a public statement published on her official website she says that The BeyHive Blog is the place where she will share all the things that inspire her everyday, as she sees them.

However, the only thing which is rather inappropriate which was noticed on the blog, which seems very odd, is that the blog also has a “Donate” section in the left column, where visitors are being kindly asked to donate money to support The BeyHive blog....what is that supposed to mean and where exactly are the funds directed to..well, my opinion might not count because am sure, some persons are already donating as am posting this write up..its kinda weird for her to do that, afterall, she spent about $200,000 for her daughter's little birthday gig.

Anyways, all you single ladies who are desperate to put a ring on it, you can run your world, and not the world like you visiting and following the blog, remember to also donate all you can for the beyhive, i guess you will get lots of honey in return...


Tina Turner who was born in Nutbush, Tennessee, has been living in Zurich since the mid-90s and according to multiple reports, she's decided to make Switzerland her permanent home.  According to a local Swiss newspaper, officials in Switzerland have already decided to grant Turner's request for citizenship ...and now it's only a matter of time before the move becomes official.

Hmmm..she has actually lived the best out of America and so, retiring at Switzerland might just be the quietness she needs from the whole fame noise and gala around Hollywood...can anyone truly renounce to be a citizen of America?..well, Tina just did


This 42-year-old "Steel Magnolias" star pulled over her Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe -- reportedly worth around $400, a fire hydrant in the red zone to pick up some items at Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in West Hollywood...and waooh, i cant believe she is still at that age..once a Queen..always a Queen i guess...even though she does not like to park legally...but this ride is so sickly crazy

Friday, 25 January 2013


I do not want to use the word dieing but this image hear tells you about someone nearing a grave...that is what Majek looks like here..i am so worried and i feel for him...He is now mentally unstable and sources say he is already in rehab but from a recent report, the ‘Send Down the Rain’ crooner is not getting any better.

He was spotted at Ogba, Ikeja Lagos clutching his guitar, staggering with a cigarette in his mouth, murmuring incoherent words. Though, he resides at Gowon Estate of Egbeda area of Lagos, his mission at Ogba was not known.The main cause of Majek’s condition is none other than his addiction to marijuana, cocaine and alcohol.

Sometime in 2012, he got a music deal of N15 million naira and was scheduled to release an album, no one has seen any album or heard any single but from the look of things, all did not go well...and right now, nothing looks well for this legend who is now close to his end..not a wish but it is reality that we must face..

“Fashek is gone; I’m not sure any kind of rehab will bring him back. He messes up in the estate; he drinks and staggers around with crowd gathering around him.
He’s dried up. He has body guards and a deep blue jeep, but most times, I think he sneaks out of the house and ends up misbehaving. The first time I saw him, I thought he was a mad man. He’s gone!,” said a source who reside close to him.


Forbes gathered a recent report on a woman (Isabel dos Santos) who is now believed to be the richest black woman in the world, displacing the Nigerian business mogul, Folorunsho Alakija that got the position few months ago from Oprah Winfrey...Isabel's net worth is said to be more than one billion dollars, according to Forbes.

Over the past few years Isabel dos Santos, the oldest daughter of Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, has been buying more shares of publicly traded companies in Portugal, including shares in a bank and a cable TV company. Those stakes, combined with assets Isabel dos Santos owns in at least one bank in Angola, have pushed her net worth over the $1 billion mark, according to research by FORBES, making the 40-year-old Africa’s first woman billionaire.

Let me inform you that Folorunsho Alakja started her career in 1974 as an Executive secretary at Sijuade Enterprises in Nigeria...She is the Group Managing Director of The Rose of Sharon Group which consists of The Rose of Sharon Prints & Promotions Limited and Digital Reality Prints Limited and the Executive Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil Limited (an indigenous oil exploration and production company). Folorunsho Alakija has been named in December 2012 as the richest black woman in the world with a networth of $3.3 billion according to Forbes.

Alakija displaced Oprah who was once the richest black woman... and now, it seems the battle has just begun as more women might be springing surprises about their financial assets...


This is not a statement from Goodluck Jonathan but i was thinking for him because i know that very soon, the National assembly might deliberate on the issue of following the steps of Gambia..who are set to operate a four day working week, which means that friday is totally free for their citizens...making friday a day of rest in other to allow citizens in the country have more time for agriculture and prayer.

This was a decree made my Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, The decision would take effect from February 1, he said the decision to have a four-day working week was as a result of the demand from the general public. “This new arrangement will allow Gambians to devote more time to prayers, social activities and agriculture – going back to the land to grow what we eat and eat what we grow for a healthy and wealthy nation,” the presidential statement said.

I know a lot of civil servants in Nigeria would jump at this offer..if possible, they should just work a day every week and get paid at the end of the month..Nigerian Civil Service has lots of lazy workers i must say..well, i would like that too but it will only stretch your work strength more because you will now have four days to do a lot since you won't be at work till monday after thursday..

Congrats to the people of Gambia, at least, they have a listening leader..which way to go Nigeria..?


Sheyman has decided to spend some of his money which i guess is too much at the club, all on a fan who sang the full lyrics of his song...seriously, he has bellefulll, like they say in Naija, which means his stomach is filled up..Sheyman was at liquid lounge in company of prominent artiste like youngskales, Jaywon and flowsick to mention a few.During the night Sheyman was said to have spent £500 as a reward for a fan that sang his latest track so well.

Sheyman is ready to spend more as he turns to Ziggies club in Magodo. he would be giving out £600 to any fan that could sing his track ‘PAPER’ words for words. I would love to have him around Ajegunle, Makoko, Mushin Olosha, Ipaja, and so on..i am sure the guys there can sing as well..i hope the pounds can go round very well..

Paper is the latest single off his soon to be released album,with sweet melodies over makosa-influenced production, Sheyman sings playfully about the lavish life, spending paper, and the non-stop splurging lifestyle of an entertainer. You can simply put these funds together and give to charity, join a worthy cause and let your name be written in gold, instead of lavishing it on some assumed fans who should be on the show "Don't forget the lyrics"..if they can sing so well...think wisely Sheyman


I really do not know why these two birds are flying together in the same nest after the drama in their, it seems like a media stunt for more fame but am not sure if its working out for Rihanna, as her current love life with Chris Brown seems to be turning out negative feedback for her..

“Diamonds” singer, Rihanna is losing millions of dollars just for relationship with her boyfriend Chris Brown.
Inside sources at Star Magazine revealed how bad girl Riri is losing millions in endorsement deals as a result of her romance with Chris Brown.
According to Sources, “Since Rihanna and Chris Brown re-sparked their romance, she has lost a deal with Macy’s that would have allowed her to launch a urban clothing line“.

...and yet, some of us still sing that love don't cost a thing..we can see for ourselves...i guess her account is fat enough to feed her for years because if she was facing a recession, she would have opened her eyes to the reality on ground...


Each time she graces a red carpet gala..its visual trouble...this time, i had to adjust the shutter speed of my eyes, to enable me see very well..i do not know what am staring at, the butt or the dress..or the naked lines created by the dress..

42 year old Jennifer Lopez once again flaunts her major asset that made her famous in a recent event in Las Vegas. She obviously did not have her panties on in this photo.


It is always a moment of joy when a baby is born in a family...and i mean under a marital condition, especially, when the couple has been waiting for years but the story is different these days as everyone seems to be naming a child, even when its just a dating condition...having pre-marital sex ain't a strange affair but what happened to protection.

Before i say congrats to May D for the birth of his child, now, the mother is a long time girlfriend, and not a wife..he is not the only entertainer with such a is certainly none of my business but am just concerned as usual because these guys are not passing a good message...yes, i know most people have lots of sex before marriage...the issue of bearing a child before marriage has now been endorsed even by family members who want to ascertain how fertile the productive land of the man or woman is...totally crazy.

May D is the latest dad in town after his long time girlfriend, Adebola Olowoporuku gave birth to a baby boy..He has now joined the league of celebrities with kids after following the footstep of his former boss, Peter of P Square...who is also not officially married.

These routine has spread like a wild fire into every part of Nigeria that everyone wants to bear a child, even when they still ask their parents for pocket money...even though God has asked us to procreate, i am sure he meant under a certain union between a man and a woman...if you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then seal it with a marriage and you can have all the sex, make all the babies and let them overflow around your home...

...and this girl of his looks kinda it the pictures, my eyes or is she really young..congrats anyways.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Some mothers do have them...seriously, i can never forget Mr Spencer..well, Happy birthday to you sir for making me laugh every time i watch are a true living legend and turning 71 is surely a great feat in that is well loved...Got married to actress Gabrielle Lewis in Paris in 1965.


Its simply a coat of many colors and years to come by...she is currently 67 and i pray she lives more...there is no one that does not love that song...simply a mama song anytime, any day..happy birthday to one of the greatest female music legend living...


I am not a certified Stylist or a Fashion Police like Joan Rivers and Company but as far as am concerned, this is a total disaster to have styled Chidinma this way...i recently stumbled on the pix while viewing some of the most sought after female celebs in Naija, which she was one of them by all means but she is definitely too beautiful to be dressed up like a star in Resident Evil..

I really do not care what these photo stylist are up to when working for Fashion Magazines but they need to understand the body frame and structure of these stars before working them up into some clownish costumes..and the make up makes it  worse or funny perhaps..

Yes..its none of my business, the picture must have achieved its mission but i admire her and that is why i feel concerned about these..i laughed at first sight..


World celebrated Music, Movie and Fashion Star, Jennifer Lopez left everyone talking as to what she wore to the Golden Globes 2013..And girl didn't disappoint, arriving fashionably late to the red carpet in a seriously sheer Zuhair Murad white gown and long flowing locks. It was sexy. It was bold and simply Jlopezic...

You would have to go closer to the dress, else, you might actually  think she is not wearing's like skin..Nothing can top the shock value of Jennifer’s Versace gown from the 90s. Regardless, this dress is definitely eye-catching! The gown definitely flatters Jennifer’s famous curves.


This is not the best moment for this couple who happens the first family of Nigeria, as we know that the First lady, Patience Jonathan flew out last year for medical reasons...presently, she has flown out again for same reasons..

Since her tumultuous return from her extended trip abroad last year, Mrs. Jonathan has remained largely marooned inside the Presidential villa only attending few public events and church services in Abuja.
It was revealed that the First Lady has been struggling with a variety of ailments that have refused to go away, some of them being complications relating to the surgery she embarked upon during her medical trip abroad.

I really cannot say much here because such issues are like secrets of the first family and you cannot write anything just because you want to gain some readership...more so, there is so much issues concerning her true state of health as gossips fly about on the kind of ailment affecting madam Jonathan.

I just hope it ends well..which means am wishing her a quick recovery, that i know is very opposite to what some other citizens are praying for..this should not be a reverse of what happened to President Yar'adua...


I think Cossy is having her own cut of the 2013 fame and wherever she went for the voodoo, it is actually working for her but she actually has the endowment to pull such a trauma into our lives...from nude pictures to covered fairy god least, some clothes are obvious

She actually  messed things up by saying she and fellow compatriot, Tonto Dikeh have been able to give Nigeria an international recognition with their pictures..i want to believe she meant something relating to selling their bodies because she is totally out of place with her opinion...she had a change of mind after most bloggers and social media users went on a full attack on her over her continual upload of nude pictures, which most eyes are sensitive to..if you consider the sizes of her ''twins''.

This is the reply she gave a blogger,Ngozi Kanwiro...

Cossy’s Response via Twitter:

I think she and Tonto has kept us busy writing and talking but in the real sense, i do not find it appealing enough for the status of Nigeria..and to the entertainment industry..i do not have an issue over their nude pictures but please keep it private to yourself and not online publication..we all have a lot of nude to deal with while we have our bath every morning and night...the least we need right now are nudes of Cossy and Tonto..

No matter what she does, it can never bring more fame that will empower any corporate body to use you as a brand ambassador for any product or service..if that occurs, then, our country is truly messed up..


This is no child's play and it is for might be smiling to the bank, paying your bills if you are lucky enough to find the missing camera owned by Kas..

UK based Nigerian singer, Kas lost his personal camera in a club recently, and the singer is said to be offering $2000 to anyone who is willing to return the camera back to him.
The ugly incident happened in December, last year....what exactly is inside this camera that he will offer such an amount...realy lost in thoughts right now but i guess they are things meant for only his eyes.

There are gist around that the camera also contains some x-rated moments with a Nollywood Actress...hmmm.So many movies are being produced these days without getting a pass from the Nigeria Film and Video Censors Board...Well, please win your way this year if you find the camera, try and check dump sites and help save a life..including yours.

This is an advise to celebrities who have fun and completely forget that they are being watched at every minute of their lives, perhaps, it is a set up...but be very careful when you hang out at functions and clubs.


Who says music and football cannot flow when effectively combined like a delicious meal..and it is no mistake that Shakira did a  wonderful job to the song used at the World cup fiesta in South Africa. This time, i wonder what gift her baby will possess since the father to be is a Footballer, Gerard Pique, A former Manchester United Player.

I am actually happy that she is having a baby because she must have gone through a lot trying to concentrate on her career and being pregnant should be a joyous moment for every woman in her shoes who has accomplish a lot in this world.

Shakira and Pique are expecting their first child together, they posed in this revealing shoot as part of a UNICEF photoshoot to help raise money for some of the world’s poorest people. This is truly a great feat and it is now a trend for celebrity couples to pose with their pregnancies for the world..and all for charity, we have had the likes of Amber  Rose, Beyonce and so many more...How about seeing Tuface and Annie in such a shoot...hmmmm

Shakira is a UNICEF ambassador and is asking friends and fans to donate money in their online baby shower to raise funds for the organisation.The pair said: ‘To celebrate the arrival of our first child, we hope that, in his name, other less privileged children in the world can have their basic needs covered through gifts and donations. Thank you for sharing this unforgettable moment with us.’

Friday, 18 January 2013


All is set for the 2013 African Cup of Nations as the Nigerian Super Eagles led by Steven  Keshi will be fighting out another battle of winning the Nations Cup...since that is the most important goal to be scored..

The team includes Vincent Enyeama, Austin Ejide, Juwon Oshaniwa, Sunday Mba, Efe Ambros, John Mikel Obi, Ahmed Musa, Brown Ideye amongst other..I just hope we can so high, i have a good mind towards Keshi but am just concerned about the Ego of our players...they can just humble their wings and fly quietly to the roof of the final and bring the cup back to Naija.

Nigeria is in Group C and they will be in battle with Zambia, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso and their match with Nigeria will take place on the 21st, 25th and 29th of January but there are still worries over the fact that Nigerians might not get to view these matches and even the entire sport fiesta, except through a Pay Tv because the amount charged to air the football event is quite huge compared to what other African Countries are paying.

Well, i hope we still have a Super Eagle..perhaps, we need to also go to a drawing board and give them a new name..


There was a time i wrote on the first season of legacies of a celebrity and that was on Karen Igho of Big Brother Africa who was advertising something...and i later got a write up that featured Cossy as a single lady..This is what it amounts to i guess..though, she has apologized but that's campaign after election, like they say in Naija...

I am sort of lost here..totally because something must have led to this, which can only be answered by her..Cossy Orjiakor is by all means a celebrated lady in the entertainment industry as she has featured in some music videos, movies and graced the red carpets of some top events in Nigeria..and certainly she does exposes those twins for all to see.

This is just out of line for me, without taking away her profile of career because i know she is well educated but this is just too much and i know, it is her life but please consider the eyes of those little ones out there who might stumble on this...apologies accepted anyways.


Do i wish am from this family..? The answer is NO but certainly planning my birthday with that amount is mouth-watering because everyone will eat and drink...till they vomit. The last time i had a real birthday bash was in 1994, which was my 10th birthday and it was really cool back then when the country was still in good shape and money was actually called money..i had a cake designed of the number 10 and two other extras..i was dressed like a groom..and am very certain that my parents did not spend much.

It's cool to celebrate the day your child was born but spending this much for a year child proves that there's so much in the bank..yessss...i know...i am not here to beef but just to write as usual and let people also say a big waoooh as they see the figure...even a barbie doll felt part of the cash..

They supposedly spent $95,000 on a pink and red roses themed party, $2,000 for Blue Ivy’s birthday cake, $30,000 worth of goodies for the close friends and family who attended which included a gold pen with the guest’s name and Blue Ivy’s name engraved on them and $80,000 on a diamond encrusted Barbie doll.


It is no news again that Innocent Idibia and Annie Macaulay have been united in God as one...and currently, there is no room for asunder as the white wedding will hold soon but the amazing gist  now is that this celebrity couple might be expecting another baby...If this is true, then, its really a great year for Tubaba..

I must say that Tuface is truly a living legend because i feel like that's where God deposited most of the children of this world..he is so fertile i must say..all left is just to enjoy his marital life with Mrs Idibia after all the children are born because i really do not know when he will retire that aspect of his life..congrats Tuface

Tuface is a man that has lived what is called a LIFE...Lets be real here, he has suffered a lot to come this far and if having lots of children is a great compensation, then, so be it...and i must say, he did proved that first love really counts and taking a vow with Star Actress, Annie...just goes a long way that Mr Idibia is a perfect gentleman

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Accomplished, Striving, Aspiring, charming and very sexy young men from all corners of Nigeria have started gearing up as the quest to who becomes the next Mr. Universe Nigeria 2013; the nation’s biggest and creatively produced contemporary male contest gets underway.

Looking back at the 2012 winner, this is what Allen Ukwuru says...

“The Mr. Universe Nigeri Pageant has a foundation of integrity and class. I do believe that the pageant sets the bar high, and it expects much from state delegates. The foundation is of moral and ethical quality, and definitely is a system that all eyes should be watching. We are on the move!”

Mr. Universe Nigeria Contest, combines a male pageantry and a supermodel search into one to create a super talent competition for discovering future national personalities such as film-stars, models, businessmen, spokesmen and performers. Santiago Roberts, initiator and President of Mr. Universe Nigeria Organisation said the event which is encapsulated by its motto ‘ for the glamour, for the purpose, for the nation’ has been strategically designed not just to add value to the contestants but also in the long run for them to become a force to reckon with both here in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

Mr. Universe Nigeria 2013 grand finale which will be held on 11th May at the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos, will be promoted by leading broadcasting networks in the country as well as through the global network of Mr. Universe Model International Licensees which is expected to be watched by about 50 million viewers around the world through the webcam network EarthCam ( that provides 99% of the live broadcasts of the world.

The Mr. Universe Nigeria 2013 project is being marketed exclusively by Motbensonz Solution, a top notch Nigerian marketing brand with Media and PR handled by E-Konsult and Iconx Media.