Saturday, 5 January 2013


It is quite sad to hear about the death of Bisi Komolafe, a fast rising yoruba actress in Nollywood...I do know that death is what we all must dance to at the appointed time but this is just too much for me to bear..we all need prayers but for Nollywood, it is more than a gathering of prayer warriors..

I ask..what is going on in this industry called Nollywood..according to reports, she had miscarriage and has been in the hospital..and some colleagues were trying to raise money for her...and yet, they all gather for her funeral shame...more so, some would be glad that their rival is out of the is sad.

I would not complain over split milk..she is dead and has gone to rest but is there love in this industry..i take a quick cue into Late Enebeli Enebuwa, who died after a long battle to survive..where are the colleagues of all these people when their sicknesses occurs, what is the immediate action taken to save their life...there is simply no love..

Is nollywood insured, the cast, the crew and everyone..i guess nothing like that exist..It is a rare occurrence to hear about the death of a young actor in Hollywood, rather, you hear of veteran film producers and directors who die a great achiever, even though they die of some ailments..they still lived a fulfilled life..that was not the case of Bisi Komolafe..i am certain about that..