Saturday, 26 January 2013


She has decided to create a forum where her gospel would be preached more...words of wisdom, inspiration, music, life and so she comes up the'' beyhive''...The blog gives Beyonce a medium to express her thoughts and imaginations with her fans. In a public statement published on her official website she says that The BeyHive Blog is the place where she will share all the things that inspire her everyday, as she sees them.

However, the only thing which is rather inappropriate which was noticed on the blog, which seems very odd, is that the blog also has a “Donate” section in the left column, where visitors are being kindly asked to donate money to support The BeyHive blog....what is that supposed to mean and where exactly are the funds directed to..well, my opinion might not count because am sure, some persons are already donating as am posting this write up..its kinda weird for her to do that, afterall, she spent about $200,000 for her daughter's little birthday gig.

Anyways, all you single ladies who are desperate to put a ring on it, you can run your world, and not the world like you visiting and following the blog, remember to also donate all you can for the beyhive, i guess you will get lots of honey in return...