Friday, 25 January 2013


This is not a statement from Goodluck Jonathan but i was thinking for him because i know that very soon, the National assembly might deliberate on the issue of following the steps of Gambia..who are set to operate a four day working week, which means that friday is totally free for their citizens...making friday a day of rest in other to allow citizens in the country have more time for agriculture and prayer.

This was a decree made my Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, The decision would take effect from February 1, he said the decision to have a four-day working week was as a result of the demand from the general public. “This new arrangement will allow Gambians to devote more time to prayers, social activities and agriculture – going back to the land to grow what we eat and eat what we grow for a healthy and wealthy nation,” the presidential statement said.

I know a lot of civil servants in Nigeria would jump at this offer..if possible, they should just work a day every week and get paid at the end of the month..Nigerian Civil Service has lots of lazy workers i must say..well, i would like that too but it will only stretch your work strength more because you will now have four days to do a lot since you won't be at work till monday after thursday..

Congrats to the people of Gambia, at least, they have a listening leader..which way to go Nigeria..?