Saturday, 19 January 2013


I think Cossy is having her own cut of the 2013 fame and wherever she went for the voodoo, it is actually working for her but she actually has the endowment to pull such a trauma into our lives...from nude pictures to covered fairy god least, some clothes are obvious

She actually  messed things up by saying she and fellow compatriot, Tonto Dikeh have been able to give Nigeria an international recognition with their pictures..i want to believe she meant something relating to selling their bodies because she is totally out of place with her opinion...she had a change of mind after most bloggers and social media users went on a full attack on her over her continual upload of nude pictures, which most eyes are sensitive to..if you consider the sizes of her ''twins''.

This is the reply she gave a blogger,Ngozi Kanwiro...

Cossy’s Response via Twitter:

I think she and Tonto has kept us busy writing and talking but in the real sense, i do not find it appealing enough for the status of Nigeria..and to the entertainment industry..i do not have an issue over their nude pictures but please keep it private to yourself and not online publication..we all have a lot of nude to deal with while we have our bath every morning and night...the least we need right now are nudes of Cossy and Tonto..

No matter what she does, it can never bring more fame that will empower any corporate body to use you as a brand ambassador for any product or service..if that occurs, then, our country is truly messed up..