Saturday, 5 January 2013


I write about this issue because am so concerned about these two people who are about to go on a journey of a life time..we do hope it ends well..Dbanj is currently doing well for himself, at least he is trying to sign on young dynamic acts into his label, which is quite good..even though i cannot feel him anymore but going further to sign Tonto is just out of line..

These are the celebrity stunts i keep talking about...Dbanj wants to get more fame by bringing Tonto on board..and Tonto wants to get a feel of that fame from the koko master himself..i hope its just about the music business..or there is more to what she is signing for..

Dbanj says in an interview on juice that Tonto will blow more than any lady..constructively, how can Tonto blow more than Sasha, Tiwa Savage, the two Chidinmas or the likes of Eva..This must be a mistake from Dbanj..Tonto, kindly stick to acting and some charitable is a no no and perhaps, you are dinning with the wrong career need a career medical team quickly