Sunday, 27 January 2013


Some years back, Nollywood served us with thrash, and i mean it...from scripting, make up, continuity, editing, casting and was a total shame to be a Nigerian when you talk about movies, except for our stage plays which was classic..presently, we have introduced film, as we shoot on 35mm.

Sometime ago, i went to a store to purchase a Nigerian Movie and my heart reached for Ije but i was told to buy In the Cupboard, produced by Desmond Elliot..well, i did not regret seeing the movie, as Desmond has grown into a prolific Director but again, i came across Ije recently and had no choice but to watch it because i wanted to see the collaboration of a Genevieve and Omotola in one Film.

The producer of Ije made no mistake in casting these two Divas, as it was a total classic for me..we can see for ourselves the number of awards the Feature has won so far..all thanks to the actors, cinematographers and the great Directing of Chineze Anyaene..the budget for this drama is 2.5 million dollars.

This is not an issue of saying..ohhh please, she was born into do not need to meet her to know she is a determined individual who has a vision of where she is going, and passionate about it.

If you want to appreciate the standard and effort put into this Feature, please take a sneak preview into the making and you will feel what am talking about, from the make up, the continuity, camera work, is so awesome and to know that Chineze Anyaene passed through the New York Film Academy shows she meant business with ije..truly a journey.

Ije has joined the leagues of my most favorite films; others include The Meeting, Mirror Boy, Tango with Me, Jenifa, The Figurine and Mr and Mrs.