Thursday, 10 January 2013


This is to say that for all you critics who think being an extreme career woman means no room for love or marriage..Isha has proved a point by being engaged...the news came from Anderson Cooper on air..Isha was born in 1976, An English Journalist of a Sierra Leonean descent.

Here is a response to an interview she was granted on marriage, about pressures
No, because my brother just got married so there is no pressure at all. Now, everyone has just given up. I say that and it doesn’t trouble me but I do think that him getting married has been extremely beneficial for me. Because he just got married and he had a baby and I am so grateful. Before that family was saying ‘if you can’t find one for yourself we’ll find you one’.

 But now they don’t say that because I say ‘look at my nephew, play with him’. And that’s sort of calming them. Its funny how I think in society, and I don’t think it’s just an African thing, but I think in African society people are more vocal about it. Despite what I do and whatever level of success you want to attribute to it, the fact that I am not married somehow its still incomplete. They are like ‘oh you are successful but you are not married’ but I think that’s across the board I don’t think it’s just an African thing. It’s just that my relatives will say to me. ‘Aha what’s wrong with you, why are you not married’.