Friday, 18 January 2013


There was a time i wrote on the first season of legacies of a celebrity and that was on Karen Igho of Big Brother Africa who was advertising something...and i later got a write up that featured Cossy as a single lady..This is what it amounts to i guess..though, she has apologized but that's campaign after election, like they say in Naija...

I am sort of lost here..totally because something must have led to this, which can only be answered by her..Cossy Orjiakor is by all means a celebrated lady in the entertainment industry as she has featured in some music videos, movies and graced the red carpets of some top events in Nigeria..and certainly she does exposes those twins for all to see.

This is just out of line for me, without taking away her profile of career because i know she is well educated but this is just too much and i know, it is her life but please consider the eyes of those little ones out there who might stumble on this...apologies accepted anyways.