Thursday, 10 January 2013


There is no doubt that the big Hollywood music contest,American Idol is loosing its market by the second, despite the various versions that has been introduced in several countries around the world..including the Nigerian Idol but today, the show is living in past glory and so, some feel the feud between Mariah and Nicki is just a stunt to up the game of the show.

The two women are surely in different world, different genres of music, one is married and the other is single, Mariah is surely a veteran and a force to reckon with in the music industry..and so, i really do not see any reason why Nicki Minaj will be up to deal with her at any cost...but if it is actually real, God help Mariah because Nicki rides and dines with the Gangsters..even her music says it all.

Mariah Carey shared her thoughts about her co-star with Entertainment Tonight host (former BET host) Rosci Diaz.  When asked by Rosci about the crazy moments on the show with Nicki Minaj, Mariah had this to say...Here’s what I meant by messy moments: You just have to adapt. And I think my thing is I have to be myself, and if that means that in that moment I don’t hear you; I don’t see you; you don’t exist to me at this moment — that’s what it is.

That is not all then she also made a hint that had us wondering, is there an end in sight for this Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj Feud? Here is what she said that left us questioning whether or not it is over.
 I would say closure is the most important thing and if you don’t have closure with someone, you can’t really continue on.