Saturday, 5 January 2013


I cannot forget writing on the legacies of Karen Igho, An ex winner of Big Brother Africa..i stand to say that being a celebrity comes with a lot of responsibility which cannot be over emphasized but this time, she got a slap of her life at an event recently but the good thing is that she did not grab a bottle or something as a defense to the slap..

Karen was assaulted at a Smirnoff event by a security guard, the ex-BBA star has sued Smirnoff Ice for 50million naira for damages...How successful will she be but i think we can find out the details in a nollywood flick, as she has also been featured in a couple of movies..

I am not making a joke out of this matter but Smirnoff is seriously in a deep trouble if this mess is not taken care of because Karen is no joke at all..and investigations have to be carried out to know why she got the slap in the first place...perhaps if Smirnoff does not have the money now, they can simply make her an ambassador for at least 10 years...