Friday, 4 January 2013


I am very grateful that i started this blog last year because i have always desired a channel through which i can exhibit my journalistic writings or simply put..literature.I am also grateful to everyone who reads my posts and give me some regular advice and support on how to improve my blog and so, i hope to be better in this new year..

Its definitely a new year and so much comes with it..positive or negative, we just have to adjust our seats and be ready to dance along because i believe we can be victorious and successful once we put our heart and mind to what we desire..including making babies..

So many religious leaders in my country are making predictions, many business owners are trying to come up with more good plans to make more money..some of us are still in the tradition of resolutions...but the truth is that, resolutions are on the surface, simply be yourself and hope to be better, do not be too hard on that body and soul.

I am not here to bore you with sermons from the blog temple but just to appreciate you and also to wish you a great is here and so we have to flow with it..positively...